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Chris Griscom | Spiritual Leader and Visionary | Global EchelonGLOBAL ECHELON WITH CHRIS GRISCOM

In response to current worldwide events, along with exponentially growing requests from around the world to access Chris Griscom and her work, she has created GLOBAL ECHELON. This is a network through which she can connect with all of you to initiate and practice elevated consciousness for the benefit of everyone and the planet.

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Chris Griscom Interview with Suma Gowda

Just a taste of the wonderful comments about this video! Thank you, to all of you who wrote!

  • Thanks for this one Chris - long over due, no one does it like you do !!!! I intend to send it to others to share as I think it says it all with clarity !!!!  USA
  • Thanks a lot for sending this magnificent interview. I love your light of being!! Always I feel support of your energy.  Argentina
  • The video clips are an absolute gift to us all. Thank you Chris. Switzerland
  • Wow! Thank you so much for creating these powerful short clips and ending with this spectacular message from Chris. I have enjoyed journeying with you all on this short clip journey and continue to be inspired to celebrate the days I am once again at Light Institute, once again attending Chris's Intensives, and finally continuing my Light Sessions. May it Be So.  USA
  • I am enjoying these short clips so much. It is what we need to hear.  USA
  • Thank you for sending these notes.  Awesome post. UK
  • It was really nice and you had the perfect interviewer for it.  Germany

2017 Light Institute Intensives

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Join us for our Light Institute Signature Intensives and Private Intensives as we explore this year's theme of ALL POSSIBILITIES!!  Whatever it is FOR YOU--Spirituality, Creativity, Wealth, Success, Health, Happiness...  Whatever YOU are moving toward--GO FOR IT!!. 

All Light Institute Intesnives incluse our powerful 4-day Private Multi-incarnational Sessions; Chris Griscom chats, meditations and classes; and an Li Cranial specifically designed to enhance the Multi-incarnational work.

For more information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (505) 466-1975.


Chris Griscom

Chris Griscom

Spiritual Leader

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