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Chris Griscom | Spiritual Leader and Visionary | Global Echelon
In response to current worldwide events, along with exponentially growing requests from around the world to access Chris Griscom and her work, she has created GLOBAL ECHELON. This is a network through which she can connect with all of you to initiate and practice elevated consciousness for the benefit of everyone and the planet. Click here to read more and subscribe.
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Chris Griscom Introduces Her "We Galactics" Blog
We have the power to choose how we interact with any experiences or possibilities.  At this time on the planet, we need to take our place as beings who have a relationship, not only to this earth, but to the sky, to the Cosmos, to our own Galaxy.

--Chris Griscom

Dear Soul Friends,

The future cannot pass us by.  We are the center of our own destiny.

It is time for us to let go of what we have outgrown, so that we can move on to the next octave of our lives.

Today there is a great opportunity for us to allow the natural flow of subtle energy to expand out and to feel the freedom that is available, because our identity need not be based on success in a particular job, environment or relationship, but rather on the multifaceted energy that has learned the mastery of alignment.

The art of attunement creates channels of communication that are urgently needed on the planet today.

Let us discover how fabulous it is to embrace relationships that use our psychic connections, our capacity to feel deeply, to accompany each other through life.  This is not the “misery loves company” fellowship, but the coming together to support our capacity to see beyond the walls of frustration and depression onto the levels of wisdom and purpose that lift us to universal consciousness.

We can teach each other to bring what is deep inside, the wisdom held in the heart, out to the world with dignity and indisputable power.  

Our true power is not over each other, but in the spiritual realm.

The evolution of life must come from being, which carries our awareness into the Divine hologram.

Great Love,
Chris Griscom

The force behind the manifesting will come from access to the Source.

Excerpt from Chris Griscom’s book, Feminine Fusion

Dear Soul Friends,

The Divine Source offers the evolution of our Soul through multi-incarnational embodiment—a holographic array of life vignettes to bring enlightenment to our consciousness. As we become more enlightened, we will see them in simultaneous play so that we comprehend how our themes interface with each other across the web of lifetimes.

The most important aspect of this is to see the thread from birth to death to birth so that we can overcome our primordial fear of extinction.

The Cosmos is not consecutive per se, not one reality of life and then another, but more like the big bang of holographic reality from which we can integrate energies that open up human experience to The Divine.

We have chosen to incarnate because of the profound opportunities it provides in both unmanifest and manifest worlds.

Life is about growing our species into an enlightened group consciousness wherein we become aware of our Human potential beyond what we have recognized to date.

We need the courage to imagine and practice Divine expression.

Perhaps it is hard for you to imagine that you are a godly being. Would it be easier to imagine that you are a Galactic and that your Human Self is a part of your repertoire as a living sentient being in a Solar System, a Galaxy, in a Universe?

Walk through this world as if you were one of the Galactics of higher nature that has come to amplify beauty, to make things good, to help Humanity evolve.

You can do this. In fact, all people can do it because each person has within them the goodness and the power to participate in our evolution.

Human consciousness has the innate capacity to touch the Divine through the facets of its multidimensional awareness. We must revisit the magic of such inexplicable experiences that carry us through the veil into other dimensions where we can feel its presence.

All of us entered these places as children when we saw auras and spoke to wondrous beings, but which were later erased from our awareness. We can have direct interface that infuses the communication with bliss and rapture. Historic tales of this phenomenon have been sung down through the ages.

We have simply forgotten that it is our song.

No one wants to appear strange or feel the awkwardness of a spirituality that is not within the confines of approval of a collective understanding. It has always been like that at a point of critical mass when we are on the verge of something entirely new. Almost all cultures fear the judgment of others.

Do not be afraid.

Great Love,
Chris Griscom

Let us rid ourselves of the smallness of ‘it couldn’t be me.’ The answer to this doubt is that it has to be us.

Excerpt from Chris Griscom’s book, The Evolution of God


Chris Griscom

Chris Griscom

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