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Chris Griscom | Spiritual Leader and Visionary | Global EchelonGLOBAL ECHELON WITH CHRIS GRISCOM

In response to current worldwide events, along with exponentially growing requests from around the world to access Chris Griscom and her work, she has created GLOBAL ECHELON. This is a network through which she can connect with all of you to initiate and practice elevated consciousness for the benefit of everyone and the planet.

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"All that we have hoped for is coming into view at this auspicious moment of our evolution. We are awakening to a new era of human potential and experience. We must open the Windows to the Sky so that we can access the hologram of our Soul."  Chris Griscom


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Chris Griscom

Chris Griscom

Spiritual Leader

Phone: 505-466-1975
Fax: 505-466-7217

NM 87540

40 Calle Nizhoni

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