Chris Griscom Message February 2018

Dear Soul Friends,

The infinite Soul sits within the center of consciousness.  If you can feel its breath upon you, you will know intrinsically the purpose of your life.  Consciousness is absolute fluidity.  It is attached nowhere, yet it is your Source and you command it.  You can ride the currents of the universe through your consciousness and touch all possibility.

We are in the final stage of transition, before the last few pushes bring forth a fantastic leap into a more enlightened world.  If we open the Windows to the Sky, the peace and clarity of other dimensions will enter into ours.

At The Light Institute, we lead people into other-dimensional experiences, expansive venturings into the realms of other dimensions, guided by the Higher Self.  The energies are anchored back into the body so that the illumination we experience can be utilized in our present reality.

We must integrate all that we know and dream about our purpose in the Cosmos.

We cannot limit ourselves to the third dimension and hope to play our part in the evolutionary scheme.  That which was once considered impractical fantasy must now be put to the test as we practice our true capacities. 

We must reach into the invisible worlds to pass this initiation of illumination, and we must do it now!

Great Love,
Chris Griscom

You are the very beginning of a breathtaking dawn, a whole new chain of Human Beings who will borrow bits and pieces of who you are and arrange them in an infinite array of compositions that form their source.  All that you experience will become your legacy.

Excerpt from Chris Griscom's book, Psychogenetics: The Force of Heredity