Chris Griscom Message June 2018

Dear Soul Friends,
There is a Divine Source--not in the sense of a purely humanized consciousness, but rather an essential reference for life, evolution, for cosmic pulse, that allows all sentient beings to have a part in that universal energy.
This universal consciousness, of which we are a part, sources our existence. The way we relate to it will inevitably evolve within the infinite play of cosmic potential. I call it 'Divine' because it helps us to interpret its impersonal 'goodness' as a sense of lovingness or relatedness that we can embrace and that embraces us--not exclusively, but through an essential relationship.
The Divine Source offers the evolution of our Soul through multi-incarnational embodiment--a holographic array of life vignettes to bring enlightenment to our consciousness. As we become more enlightened, we will see them in simultaneous play so that we comprehend how our themes interface with each other across the web of lifetimes.
The most important aspect of this is to see the thread from birth to death to birth so that we can overcome our primordial fear of extinction. The cosmos is not consecutive per se, not one reality of life and then another, but more like the big bang of holographic reality from which we can integrate energies that open up human experience to Source.
It is irrelevant whether we perceive our themes and experiences as composites of many lifetimes or the accumulation of psychogenetic inheritance down through generations. Our body holds them all in its cellular memory.
We have chosen to incarnate because of the profound opportunities it provides in both unmanifest and manifest worlds.
Life is about growing our species into an enlightened group consciousness wherein we become aware of our human potential beyond what we have recognized to date.
Great Love,
Chris Griscom
If we washed away all the dogma and myths related to God, we could never lose the deepest essence of spiritual truth.
Excerpt from Chris Griscom's book, The Evolution of God