Chris Griscom Message April 2018

Dear Soul Friends,

Enlightenment is to be able to reach out into other octaves and other dimensions and pull in information that expands our capacity beyond the genius level.

There are other dimensions and there is information and energy, and there is access to those other dimensions that can nourish and heal us.

Multi-dimensionality is a reality and a frontier.  The mind is the frontier, but the mind exists beyond the limits of the brain.  We can access through our consciousness other dimensions, which can amplify, and which can teach us here and now in this plane.

We must let go of our little stuff.

The second we surrender and focus our attention and our intentionality, we can go anywhere we want. 

The training of intentionality activates holographic pulsations radiating from a syncronized brain center.  It's important to understand that we are not talking about the 'will' type of intentionality, but the intentional surrendering into the natural cycle of motion once inertia has been overcome. 

Going into incarnational explorations, you begin to perceive the way your Soul has moved.  It is an exquisite dance.

At The Light Institute we create a threshold for people to begin accessing the hologram, to recognize that anything they see or experience is a part of themselves.

As you observe the hologram and understand that once you let go of what you're attached to, everything that's attached to it is gone too.  It has to do with cognating through the dimensions, through all those frequencies.  It is physical, it is mental, it is emotional, and it is spiritual. 

You can then begin to experience other dimensions and other realities that give you information that is useful to you now.

Intellectually, we can only scratch the surface of these concepts, because we can't really understand what it is to choose.  It is something we only recognize and cognate to small degrees.  The moment anything goes wrong in our lives, we automatically say, 'I didn't choose that.'  But we did, and when we surrender our knowing, more of ourselves is in contact with the Soul and the Soul's blueprint.

The trick is that as soon as we make experiential contact on a Soul level, we lose our judgement and move off the karmic wheel, because we don't have to do it any more.  It's like the great master who is no longer involved in the 'doing.'

Great Love,
Chris Griscom

We have mastery within us, we can master our bodies, we can master our world, we can master our lives, we can master our emotions by lifting up into higher frequencies by using the cosmic connection that we have, the genetics of cosmic interplay that can help us to not only find the answers, but also to lift up above the fray--and when we lift up above the fray then we can see the hologram, and see cause and effect, we can see the karma, so we can enact new ways to champion the healing of our planet and ourselves.
Excerpt from Chris Griscom's Global Echelon 3-25-18