2017 Message from Chris Griscom


Dear Soul Friends,

Our story of heredity illuminates the passage of energies from the body of humanity into the ethers where they are reassembled to suit the Soul's purpose, and sent back through the veils of the unmanifest to surface again and again through the mechanism of familial genetics.

The most illuminating truth is that we are more than genetic relatives in terms of physicality.  We are "Soul families" who share emotional and spiritual attributes, psychogenetics, that we have garnered through countless incarnations of the Soul.  These more subtle encodings are bound to the physical DNA helix at the threshold of matter.

Our psychogenetics provide a matrix of genetic encoding that directs us to the reference points of our interacting physical, emotional and spiritual inheritance.  Once we are able to perceive the complexity of our DNA genomes, we will be able to consciously select specific genetic material that most benefits us.

What will it mean to our future to have the capacity to change the genetic bonds that limit us?  I am not speaking of some scientific restructuring by means of gene manipulation, perpetrated on us from the outside; I am referring to 'conscious genetics,' whereby we, ourselves, take responsibility for who we are!

The power of our choices will enable us to actually hone our bodies into perfect vehicles of cosmic proportion.  We will use the technology of consciousness to communicate perfectly our ideal and instruct our DNA through the frequencies of light to implement the design.

When we are able to perceive the web of inheritance, for the first time ever we humans will be able to truly extricate ourselves from the black hole of mere existence and step forward into the brilliant light of freedom and choice.

We will 're-invent' ourselves in a form that makes being human a rapturous adventure.

Great Love,
Chris Griscom

We are destined to help each generation enhance our gene pool through conscious scrutiny of the result of our own hereditary ingredients.  Psychogenetics will revolutionize embodiment--forever!

This is a beginning for each of us and for every person on our planet.

Excerpt from Chris Griscom's book, Psychogenetics: The Force of Heredity