Chris Griscom Message November 2017

Dear Soul Friends,

We can all become manifestors in our lives using intuition to guide us into conscious synergy.  We have only to embark upon the wonderful adventure of attuning our awareness to the different energies in play around us, and consciously directing those energies for the purpose of harmonic manifestation.  This is a skill we were born to learn.

Consciousness is not something that just magically happens to us.  We must seek to become aware of things unseen.  Our bodies have unlimited perceptual potential that can be tapped and trained to carry us across the barriers, through the veils-into heightened awareness.  The trick to wielding this intuitive knowing lies in honing the energies of all our multidimensional bodies to work in concert with each other.

This creates an integration of the whole that allows us to be simple and clear even in the presence of vast informational energies.

If we are to perceive beyond our five senses, we must become aware of our own body's energy fields and how to heighten or quicken its energy.  There is much to learn about how we interface with the world around us, how we respond biochemically and electromagnetically to the foods we eat, the drugs we take, and the emotional moods of the people around us that interact with our own.

Considering first our own energy field, our body mirrors the same messages as our feelings and thoughts.

Our body is really the most wonderful energy hologram to help us understand how intrinsically interconnected we are with everything in the Universe.  It is a Universal microcosm that truly interacts with the external macrocosm.  Our entire nervous system, the brain, the cerebrospinal fluid--all interface with more subtle energy currents acting as conduits in and around the physical body.

If we as individuals don't live with joy and love, we will reflect chaos and spiritual confusion worldwide, because there is a profound energetic interdependency between the rhythms of individuals, societies, cultures and nations.

We must develop as much confidence in the energy system of our environment and planet, from which we are not separate, as in our own energy system and its rhythm.

Simply by becoming aware that our emotional antennae extend around the world, we can alleviate a lot of confusion within ourselves by checking to see if what our physical body is recording is about us.  Take a few deep breaths and allow the mind to still itself.  Then ask, "Is this mine?"  If you get the feeling or hear an answer that it is not, focus your attention on radiating white light out your solar plexus--to shift from absorbing negative energies to neutralizing them.  You can even ask "where" something is occurring or "what kind of thing" is occurring--and receive messages and impressions that you will find to be quite accurate.  

Practicing this kind of global consciousness is very healing to our personal selves, because we begin to imprint that "we count!"

If we want to positively develop the emotional body and experience its highest octaves--ecstasy, rapture, love, happiness--in our everyday life, in our family, in our work, within all that our life plan has created, then we must forge the energy of our body, so that it vibrates on the highest octave.

We are not our addictions, our habits, our negative emotions or thoughtforms, and this is what saves us.  We only use them as crutches until we all, ultimately, begin to feel the unrelenting desire to touch something deep inside us that silently nudges a distant memory of who we really are.

By learning to stop a bit in our lives and connect with the Higher Self, the intuitive essence of our Soul, we will find the guidance of true knowing, which does not plague us, but lovingly lifts us up so that we simply perceive ourselves differently.

Great Love,
Chris Griscom

Meditation on the self allows us to experience wholeness in that childlike timeless way that lifts us up out of traumas and into a consciousness of wonderment and connections.  The energetic shift brings a delicious vibrational "hum" that reverberates throughout all our subtle bodies.

Excerpt from Chris Griscom's book, Time Is An Illusion