May 2017 Message from Chris Griscom

Dear Soul Friends,

The gateway to all our multi-dimensions is through perception.

Perception is the latticework of reality.  It is the design of reality.  It is that structure which defines the limits, the form, the pulse, the color, the texture of reality.  As each Soul creates a reality, the decision as to whether that reality is an experience of love, light, and grace—or whether that reality is an experience of fear, anger, and dying—depends on the capacity of that being to perceive and to recognize choice, and handle the discernment.  

The enlightened choice creates a reality that promotes, speaks of, and manifests the urge of the Soul.

That which defines or orchestrates perception is our positionality.  It is our experience that creates our positionality.  That which we are willing to perceive through the filter is our repertoire.

The purpose of the work at The Light Institute is to release the shackles of positionality, to broaden the repertoire, to widen our focus.  It is to allow the flow through all of the body, through all the multi-dimensional aspects of being without being hindered, cut off, or made stagnant because of positionality.  We use the tool of perception to discover those aspects of positionality that hinder growth.  We help find the aspects that allow for the flowing, for the growth to take place.  We help to create a time and place to call in the whole, the hologram.

In our work, we draw the bow to pierce, to explore the crystallization of the whole essence of choice, so that discernment becomes an echo of light.

Great Love,
Chris Griscom

The hologram needs to be freed to constantly expand outward.  It must radiate outward with the same nourishment that the Soul needs to balance all that is experienced…all that is known—looking for new channels of creation, for new channels of expression.  

Excerpts from Chris Griscom’s book, Ecstasy Is A New Frequency: Teachings of
The Light Institute