Chris Griscom Message July 2018


Dear Soul Friends,

If we entertain the spiral of evolution, we can see that a life may not only touch the future, but that it actually connects the future to the past because of its own essence of seeding material, which creates a kind of magnetic energy groove that attracts relevant energies to it.
We can alter the future by changing the remnants of the past that are crystallized in our psychogenetic patterns.
One of the obstacles to our enlightenment of the Cosmos is our confusion of linearity and the constriction of time on a continuum. It is almost impossible for us to comprehend that 'past lives' are going on now--that time pulses and is spatial, but is not simply a linear thread.
Incarnations ripple out through the cause and effect laws of karma, which means that individual events or lifetimes are simply points of reference within the matrix of the third dimension that bleed in and out of unmanifest realities.
Subtle energies from other lifetimes can show up as an accumulative effect, like recessive genes, and alter the course of reality. Spiritually, this can be very positive as those traits that support intelligence, love or power can greatly facilitate spontaneous juxtaposition from one point in the hologram of incarnation to another.
The experiences, gifts of wisdom, belief systems and emotional compositions of those lifetimes are with us today. If we access their source by finding and releasing those lifetimes, we can filter or disperse them to our benefit.
The spiritual opportunity is to extract the highest octave of potential and purpose from any situation and imprint it as an essential attribute.
Each illumination that comes to our consciousness gives us access to even greater possibilities of who we are and what we can become.
Great Love,
Chris Griscom
When we truly know that consciousness is not entrapped in body, that we will always survive, then we will reach out with the curiosity and sense of exploration necessary to open new worlds.
Excerpt from Chris Griscom's book, The Evolution of God