Chris Griscom Message May 2018


Dear Soul Friends,

At The Light Institute, access to the Emotional Body and the Higher Self occurs in an atmosphere of peace and letting go of burdens.  Individuals are able to lift away a large portion of the emotional treadmills, such as guilt or negativity, and begin to see the self in a new light of love.

Work with the Emotional Body brings along with it a spontaneous opening to spiritual dimensions.  This is really a precursor to conscious awareness of the Higher Self, which is actually the purpose of our work.

It is such a wonderful moment when the Higher Self is asked to take form, and we surrender our expectations to that space that breathes--when the Higher Self so exquisitely speaks to us in the language of form, using a framework of symbols.  It assumes the form that our heart and mind can identify.  It is the first rung of divine influence in the limitless sea of cosmic ripples.

From time to time these symbols change.  We may feel ecstasy and rapture in the presence of a cube, cloud, hill or certain color.  The symbols portray aspects of the Higher Self and contain a vibration that fills the heart and allows our Emotional Body access to higher octaves.

The Higher Self is thus able to ensure that the ego and the finite mind can make the leap into expanded awareness with a level of corresponding integration.  The Higher Self's selection of 'multimedia' props is a breathtaking display of all-knowing.  It actually creates an environment and a sense of recognition which allows us to surrender on levels we have never reached in our entire lives.  

As the symbols of the Higher Self change in order to address other areas of our beingness, it is as if we are always discovering a new facet of our self.  Whether the Higher Self portrays itself as a cloaked being, a suited figure, a triangle, a hill, a wave, or a lightbeam, all of its manifestations release in us the recognition of a broader aspect of that hologram we call the 'self.' 

Through these experiences, our consciousness begins to expand.  We free ourselves from our own human prejudices, our ideas of ownership and the prevailing of the ego.  All restrictive thought-forms that hinder the multi-dimensional being in its development fall gradually away.  Learning this new language of dialogue with the Higher Self, we begin to change within.

The old laws of the ego, defense and attack, begin to disintegrate and are replaced by all-encompassing principles belonging to a greater reality.

We experience that positive attitudes and more pleasant, light-filled feelings and thoughts are possible!

Great Love,
Chris Griscom

Insight doesn't unfold in a linear fashion, but more often holographically, on several different levels at once.

Excerpt from Chris Griscom's book, Time Is An Illusion