Chris Griscom Message March 2018


Dear Soul Friends,

Every individual has access to the Akashic Records, which contain, on an ethereal level, all experiences and points of development in the past, present and future for every Soul.  The more multifaceted our response to living is, the more tools we have at hand to shape and transform our human experience. 

All of nature is a repetitive pulsation, repeating the pattern over and over again--continuously dipping back into the Source to create the form.  We are not an exception.  It is divine consciousness that permeates all the bodies of form, and because we are a part of that consciousness, we are also a part of all form and matter that has ever been or will be.

Just as the echoes of our childhood prevail within the adult, so the echoes of all our multi-dimensional realities come to dance upon the stage of any particular lifetime.  These echoes are the source material from which we mold the positionality of our prejudices, our passions, our predilections for lifestyles and even our physical bodies.  We are ready now to discover the whole of what is within, so that we can participate more wholly in what is being shaped without.

We have all incarnated in every familiar race--as part of the collective consciousness of man.

We are here to learn from each other--together.  We have progressed far enough to comprehend the entirety of mankind.  We have learned the lessons of the body, the instincts, the emotional reactions, intellectual research, religion and mysticism. 

Now we are called upon to integrate these lessons and take a decisive step toward reaching a higher octave, becoming masters operating with creative powers in this earthly dimension.

When we discover how energies work within us, we can transform dull, unconscious or negative patterns into higher, lighter frequencies, which absolutely change who we are now.  Multi-dimensional reality amplifies our choices and responses to ourselves and the world outside us.

Great Love,
Chris Griscom 

By using multi-incarnations to access specific themes, we are able to reshape the magnetic astral connections that allow them to continue to play themselves out in this lifetime.  Decrystalizing them as they have become encapsulated in this archetypal and obsolete form, we free the essence of the Soul's energy to move again through us, so that the power and knowing available is reusable and even more perfected.

Excerpt from Chris Griscom's book, Time Is An Illusion