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Photo: Nedret Gurler

We Galactics Vlog 7-17-17

I feel the information in this Global Echelon video is so valuable to our "We Galactics" conversation that I am making it public for you as my second post.

Signing off with Great Love and Galactic Smiles to you all,
Chris Griscom

We Galactics Blog 7-11-17


We are living on a planet within a solar system, within a galaxy.  In essence, we are composed of the same carbon atoms as the stars and all matter within our galaxy, yet we have not considered the potential of that truth in terms of defining who we are in relation to our shared source.   

 We are Star people, we are Cosmic beings, we are Galactics!  

We can correctly call ourselves—Galactics!  We exist not only in a galaxy, but we are of the galaxy—literally made from its elements by every scientific or known form of measurement.  We have whispered this possibility of origin within religious, philosophical, and spiritual references throughout our history, but not until now have we begun to realize that we can use this information in ways that will bring profound change upon our reality and potential!

It is the scientific peephole into the invisible universe that has given us the clues we need to pursue our cosmic heritage in all seriousness.  The fascinating discoveries being made minute by minute into the cosmos by astronomy and other scientific branches are offering up astounding new evidence of life potential in more than one quadrant of our galaxy.  These very real explorations will culminate in the fusion of energy and matter in ways only more advanced beings have wielded to date.

The fact of our galactic essence is so powerful as to potentially change our realities, our view of the cosmos, and ourselves; while opening us up to revolutionary experiences, this discovery could completely alter the direction of our own evolution as a species—and change that of our entire planet.  

For eons, we have thought of ourselves as the primary life forms in a vast universe of empty space and stars.   Because we have not systematically contemplated—or owned—the relationship between ourselves and the cosmos, we never imagined that it could be the key to our own evolution, or what it could offer us in terms of resolving the seemingly unsolvable problems we have here on earth.  In fact, we are so rooted in our mundane daily existence that the unrelenting force of evolution is shadowed within our vernacular except in archeological references.

Evolution is a word we think of in such broad sweeps of time that it has had little meaning to us.  Yet, our own galaxy and the entire universe are eternally evolving and remixing the elements to create modifications of forms and creations.  

Just a short time ago, scientists argued against the possibility that there could be other life forms within our solar system and galaxy.  Today, with the new scientific technologies that allow us to “see“ into the far reaches of space, we have discovered that, indeed, there is evidence of the basic elements of life on other planets.  Beyond our own requirements of water, oxygen, hydrogen, etc. it is possible to consider that other life forms may exist with requirements vastly different than our own.  Yet, we may discover that they have intelligence equal to or superior to us.
The basic point of this blog is that we are now ready to absorb the vast wealth of information about other galactic civilizations into our cosmological framework—and begin to apply these truths in such a way as to advance our own possibilities of evolution.

Isn’t it time?  Have we not put forth infinite theories about where we come from, who is our creator God, what are our possibilities and what is our ultimate purpose?  We have searched the heavens and called upon a myriad of illusionary beings to protect us, help us, define us.  Yet, we have not found answers that satisfy our quest to know the truth about ourselves, nor will we unless we expand the field of inquiry to include questions of the unimaginable.

Signing off with Great Love and Galactic Smiles to you all,
Chris Griscom

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