Multi-Incarnational Sessions

Incarnatonal Work


The Higher Self Sessions

Light Institute work is offered in the form of personal sessions guided by a Light Institute Facilitator. The initial group of sessions is con­ducted over a four consecutive day period, working for approximately three hours each day with your Facilitator.

We ask you to choose your Facilitator by asking your Higher Self, us­ing your intuition to select from the list of their names. Any of our highly skilled Facilitators will work perfectly with you since they are trained directly by Chris Griscom. The Facilitators arrange their own appointments, so please contact them directly.

The first session is focused on contacting your Higher Self and your Inner Child, and on bringing your Emotional Body into balance. The next three sessions are devoted to recognizing the themes echoing in your life, releasing their energetic residues, and to creating fluid access to your innate, divine qualities. The last session gives you a fabulous reference to living in the light of your Higher Self.

The multi-incarnational sessions open a direct dialogue between you and your Higher Self, which will take on many forms to illuminate your consciousness. The Higher Self is the voice of your Essence. Its teachings are life-transforming and its clarity will energize your life. Your soul memories shape the person you are today. As your multi-dimensionality is revealed, veils of illusion are pulled away; restrictive thought forms of separation are released; limitations that you have carried for lifetimes are set free. As your consciousness expands, you will discover that you are a wise and powerful soul who is here in body to give a gift to the world!


Clearing a Person or a Theme

After the completion of the initial four-day sessions, you may have extra sessions to clear another person, i.e. a mate or child, or to explore themes such as abundance, manifestation, life purpose and other fascinating topics!

Additional Theme Sessions


Clearing the Parents is the group of sessions recom­mended after your initial set and follows the same four-day format. These sessions are focused on dissolving the projections of this most significant relationship, the basis for all other relationships you have in your life. The emotional imprints instilled at your conception and carried on as you have moved through your life will be released. You will discover why you chose your parents and how to evolve spiritu­ally through that choice.

The relationship with your mother and father creates the template for all of your relationships, defining what it is to be male, female, mother, father, partner, leader and authority. Releasing shared pat­terns and karmic agreements with your parents will allow you to come into a new sense of confidence in your innate abilities to relate to the world and express your purpose.


Psychogentics: the Force of Heridity—Family DNA

Release the constrictions, access the magnificence...

Based on the work from Chris Groscom’s book about physical, emo­tional and spiritual DNA, this set of four-day sessions is an exploration into the hereditary influences which are occurring throughout your family constellation. You will explore not only the physical, but the deep emotional, and spiritual imprints which you have inherited from these individuals. As you unravel and recognize genetic imprints, you will then begin to rebalance so that you can move through your constellation to free yourself karmically. You will be astounded at what you have inherited from your extended family!

You will also expand your repertoire of family and access the bril­liance of your magnificent, multifaceted inheritance—the physical, the emotional, and the spiritual.

Sexuality is a powerful group of sessions designed to tune the consciousness back to the Life Force and experience the currents of genuine ecstasy. Exploring your sexual repertoire will allow you to release restrictive ideologies, heal cellular trauma, raise primal energy, clear your sexual attitude, and acknowledge your sexuality with clarity and grace. Other possibile themes that can be addressed are intimacy, jealousy, ownership, the oneness of merging and the infinite variety of sexual communications.

This adventure into your sexual currents will awaken your sensual, emotional and spiritual energetics so that you can use them in all aspects of your life.

Health and Healing Sessions-Soul Lessons through the Body

Pregnancy and Conscious Birthing

Soul Bodies

All humans have inherited cosmic genetic encoding. The Soul Bodies set allows you to explore your angelic, galactic and devic DNA to comprehend your relationship to the different realms and integrate your divine heritage within your body. Equally powerful, you will enhance the qualities that will perfect your human experience and release the ones that no longer serve you.



As we touch the essence material in our lives, we become truly free of external projections, dependent emotions, and negative addictions. Chris Griscom

When moving into the Inner Essences, you are creating an entire­ly new avenue of reality, allowing you to reach more deeply than you have ever imagined, into a sense of knowing, where you will expand into the multi-dimensional experience of the Soul.

Inner Mother/Inner Father

Explore the mental, physical and spiritual expression of your In­ner Parents, the source material, which allows you to create and express your innate leadership, wisdom and connection to the Divine. By clearing cultural impressions of mothering, fathering and birthing, you establish a relationship with the unmanifest that creates space for expression—this experience completely transforms the way our bodies, personalities and even souls are able to move in relationship to the outside world.

Inner Male/Inner Female

In this powerful set of sessions, release the constrictions of male/female roles, such as dominance, submissiveness, misuse of power and feelings of powerlessness, which come from the multitude of cultural imprints from other lifetimes. Dissolving the illusion of male/female archetypes will create the fusion of these two essence energies, allowing you to anchor-in the power­ful rhythm of balance and harmony that will lift you into a true state of grace.

Dare to imagine a reality in which these magnificent energies dance together as one with the power of the Soul—transforming our lives and our world.


Clearing the Grandparents and Inner Grandparents

Spiritual Chi or energy is passed from the grandparents to the grandchild, opening a wonderful connection of cosmic energies infused with the depth of creative awareness. Through the exploration of lifetimes that you have shared with your grandparents, you will discover magnificent qualities such as leadership, divine wisdom and profound spiritual connection.  Following the clearing of the Grandparents are the Inner Grandparents sessions, during which you will connect to and activate those intrinsic universal essence energies, which are so important to share with the world at this time.

Windows to the Sky

Our most advanced session work in which we open to the high­est octaves of spiritual experience. We begin with two sessions focused on awakening the Kundalini Energy in the body, fol­lowed by one session each on the Golden (8th) and the Silver White (9th) Chakras. The purpose of these sessions is to provide the opportunity for a direct experience which allows us to use the Kundalini Energy in a practical way, and to fine tune the sense of enlightenment so that we can apply the gifts of our di­vine nature in our daily lives. Prerequisites: Higher Self, Clearing the Parents, Sexuality, Inner Essences and Grandparents.


These sessions are designed for present life and multi-dimen­sional exploration.

Emotional Body Exploration

A fantastic prelude to the Multi-Incarnational sessions, this pres­ent life, private three-hour session with a Light Institute Facilita­tor will lift your Emotional Body up into the highest realms of vi­tality and expression. As you work with your chosen Facilitator, your divine Higher Self will soon emerge, and you will quickly remember, recognize and ultimately clear a path to those exqui­site feelings of oneness that can only emanate from your Soul.

During this highly interactive and wonderfully vibrant process, you will connect to your Inner Child, the wisest person you will ever know, through which you can access your multi-dimension­ality, just as you did as a young child. With the guidance of your Inner Child you will access memories from this lifetime, which are presently constricting your sense of self and release them on the cellular level. In addition, you will activate gifts and ca­pacities you have embodied in this lifetime, to re-awaken these higher frequencies on the cellular level and expand into a new sense of being!

Soul Centering

You begin with the three hour Emotional Body Exploration ses­sion the first day, then continue on with a two hour Soul Center­ing the following day. Again, one-on-one with your Facilitator and guided by your divine Higher Self, this expansive venturing into the realms of other dimensions concentrates your energies and anchors them back into your body, so the illuminations you experience can be utilized in your present reality. This work as­sists you in experiencing a new clarity, a new sense of self be­yond the human reality, creating an inner balance and harmony. Your creativity will also be heightened!

To experience the Soul, the mind has to be reoriented in another direction. Presently, the mind is involved with the objective, physical world, yet it can just as easily look into the deeper world of the Soul. Soul Centering may be the most powerful gift you could give yourself. Grace, freedom of expression, fusion, ecstasy, conscious choice, knowing, and the voice of your Higher Self—this is Soul Centering! The sessions are multi-dimensional, but are not multi-incarnational.


Youth sessions are offered to children and teenagers. Our Facili­tators are specially trained to deal with the issues and perspec­tives significant to those between the ages of four and sixteen. The youth sessions always begin by clearing the parents, which greatly improves family relationships.


Integral to the session work, cranials are highly recommended to support your ability to integrate the information you receive in your sessions and access the expansion of consciousness, which takes place. The cranial stimulates and activates the mas­ter glands of the body, as well as releasing emotional crystal­lizations and physical tensions throughout the body. You may choose more than one cranial to complete a new energetic way of being. The Cranial Therapists arrange their own appoint­ments, so please contact them directly.

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