Chris Griscom December 2019 Message


Dear Soul Friends,

There are aspects of ourselves that are emerging, which are unfathomable to us at this moment, but will soon become the core of our reality.

We are Divine in essence and carry within our spiritual DNA the absolute potential to express that Divinity through our lives--on this plane.

We do not know this potential in terms of its true meaning for our own evolution, but it can only be whole and embracing. If God/Source is love, is love then not our own essence and our greatest truth?

Our spiritual DNA will help us access skills such as healing, telepathy, bilocation, and awareness beyond our third dimensional reality.

Let us rid ourselves of the smallness of 'it couldn't be me.' The answer to this doubt is that it has to be us. It is the reason we are here. The fact is, we are related to Source--whether we know it or not, whatever we do in life. All our thoughts, feelings, choices, and expressions are the foundation for new possible Divine creations. God grows through you.

Evolution of Source is actually the prerequisite of our own Soul evolution.

We are invited to extend our consciousness to discover new spiritual truths, and this spiral will continue into infinity.

As we go out into the Universe, we will become enlightened as to cosmic laws, and through this knowing we will find new names and descriptions of what we have called--God.

All things are transient, even beyond the Universes. Our evolution does not have to be filled with turmoil and confusion; it can be filled with the power of transmutation, transfiguration, and transcendence.

Great Love,
Chris Griscom

Imagine yourself evolving into a truly godly being--filled with love and illumination. Imagine yourself transcending the limitations of your separate, lonely self--and the most breathtaking image of all--imagine that you are the key to 'The Evolution of God!'

Excerpt from Chris Griscom's book, The Evolution of God