Chris Griscom July 2019 Message


Dear Soul Friends,

We needn't be caught in the net of time because of the repetitive inertia of an emotional body cut off from its divine Higher Self.

It is astonishing to recognize that the disassociated emotional body repeats itself at the lowest octave. Even though we all have had, within our hologram, at least some experience of merging bliss, we have been unable to know true freedom and take the mantle of creative responsibility into our lives, because we only remember the experiences of denial and confusion with which we so easily identify ourselves. Imprinted thus with negativity, the evolution of consciousness falters--time stops.

If we do not remember or access imprints of ourselves as manifestors, as powerful designers of our own fate, we do not have the avenue of choice. Freedom is a mystery to us. Thus we repeatedly reenact the limitation with which we identify, even though at a deeper level within us all resides the reality of ourselves as powerful, knowing God-beings.

The passage of time in not real to the play of our emotional body and has no influence on our inner imprints. It is an illusion that we have changed. We may seem many years older, but we still live within the prison of our limited choices, which stop the clock--whether that be at the transition from childhood to adulthood or at experiences of other lifetimes--and we simply adapt for reiteration in this time frame.

To evolve, to be free, we must disconnect those imprints which paralyze and consume us, leaving no energy to extend our choices to new growth-producing experiences.

If we have the courage to float through all dimensions, collecting information, recognizing again and again new aspects of reality that exist outside linearity, time sets no limits.

How we perceive ourselves is a matter of consciousness: eternally thinking ourself the child, suffering under external authority, or as a whole being--free.

To remain steadfast to your own expanded, higher octave choices, even if it means rejection, demands that you must develop the courage to stand alone. If you really abide by your own decisions and follow your own knowing, you can never become a victim of circumstances. One's own role in life, one's own reality, takes on another quality.

Great Love,
Chris Griscom

The borders of our consciousness are set by the emotional body, which retains, carries on and intensifies all reactions. When the body transmutes the anger, prejudice and other stored impediments in the cell structures, it becomes like light itself, awakening us automatically onto higher octaves.

Excerpt from Chris Griscom's book, Time is an Illusion