Chris Griscom May 2019 Message


Dear Soul Friends,
The word 'culture' bestows a sense of time-honored tradition that is comforting to our need for something refined and uplifting within our view of life.
But many of us today are hoodwinked/manipulated into thinking that culture is about styles of living--music, literature, social media, or other pastimes that place us into secure categories or niches of prestige within our societies.
We have long since cut the strings of external control over our choices, and think ourselves free from outer surveillance. We feel this way because cultural inheritance is so intrinsic to us that we do not recognize ourselves as the product of societal conditioning.
However, in the same way that our familial experiences shape our sense of self, our cultural inheritance also defines our self-image and worth. Our feelings about art, beauty, sexuality, spirituality, community and our world are all the filtered precepts of our cultures.
The most relevant aspect of cultural inheritance is its scope of influence over our sense of self. Its propensity to pre-package an assembly line of compliant people who see themselves as 'ordinary' conveys a kind of security in mediocrity that supports conventionality rather than individuality. It is the cultural stamp of approval that boxes in our sense of adventure, the thrill of inventing and re-inventing ourselves.
Thought forms that once held together the fabric of the community are today binding and even counter-active to the recognition that we are, each and all, a unique holographic conglomerate of the whole.
Though we feel the mandates of our cultures, we ourselves are the instigators of Cultural Evolution and the designers of cultural constructs for generations to come.
We are indebted to future generations to protect them from the fatal moves of Humans that endanger our Planet and our Species.
The primordial and real fears of 'tribe against tribe' are resurfacing and being amplified today so we can realize their innate destructiveness and dissolve them from our DNA.
The way to see past the polarities between groups is to expand our consciousness beyond the limited perspectives they hold.
We are an emerging species whose individual revelations of higher consciousness will be infused into the rest of our collective family of Humanity.
Our inner conversations are echoed out across the seas and touch all other Humans.
Great Love,
Chris Griscom
Ask yourself, truthfully, what fears you hold regarding other cultures or societies. From whom have you inherited them? They may have been appropriate for your grandparents or great-grandparents, but for you they are a burden of unsubstantiated truth that separates you from the adventure of life.
Excerpt from Chris Griscom's book, Psychogenetics: The Force of Heredity