Chris Griscom April 2019 Message

Dear Soul Friends,

It is time to release the idea that we have to struggle for something. We have to fast, pray, give up, be good in order to attain our Higher Self or to touch Source.
We just need to turn the dial to the frequency of the Higher Self.
Once we become aware of the frequencies we are using, we can make a choice. If you feel what you feel like when you are angry, and you feel what you feel like when you are laughing, you will see there is a tremendous difference of frequency. You have a choice. You can spin the dial.
It is the same with the Higher Self. It is the same with the divine aspect. If you want to palpate it, it is always there with you.
The initiation has been focusing our attention on the Divine and holding it there for a long time; and it has been hard for us to stay in the divine consciousness in time and place. That is why we have used ritual, gone into our caves, and done all those things so as to not collapse our attention.
Now we need to drop those rituals, to drop the things that are in the way of deep understanding.
You do not have to put the questions and answers in linear form. You can simply move to the energy and recognize it. The energy will push back. It is like a push in the air which you can perceive.
That is all we have to do. We do not have to struggle, we do not have to be perfect.
Enlightenment is within us because the light is within us.
Great Love,
Chris Griscom
We don't have to have the answer at the moment, we just have to have the light.
--Quote from Chris Griscom's Global Echelon March 15, 2019