Chris Griscom Final 2021 Message

Dear Soul Friends,

Ninety percent of the time, great and wondrous probable realities are floating by us and we simply are too numb and too blind to see them. We do not take advantage of the infinite possibilities around us, and thus we doom ourselves to live mediocre, boring lives. We have forgotten the delightful play of nuances that gave us the cues we followed in childhood.

The art of feminine synchronicity is there to point the path and to console us with the knowledge that we are guided by a supreme intelligence.

We exist in an ocean of energy whose tides carry the source of life. If we become aware of the order of motion, we can ride the wave destined to strike the shore at any given moment.

What we call coincidence is the play of the Higher Self offering guidance in its own unobtrusive way. It provides us with cues of indicators that are like warning flags or omens showing us the directions of energy. Synchronicity is the clap of thunder that startles the mind to attention. If you tune in to it, you will know immediately what is relative to you.

The Higher Self speaks in shorthand, not lengthy discourses on what you should do. It does not lead you, it presents you with cues that can be deciphered to discover the truth.

The sights, sounds, and feelings that crop up simultaneously with an idea or situation are all related by virtue of the great cosmic matrix wherein mind creates matter.

In order to get the brilliant idea or see the hologram so that you can go onto a level of enlightened manifestation, you have to do what was done thousands of years ago. You must seek the feminine, higher frequencies in order to perceive the essences that open your knowing.

This always requires pause, contemplation, and receptivity--the hallmarks of the feminine.

All you have to do is be still long enough so that you can perceive what kinds of cues are there. The cues are available wherever you are, if you quicken your sensitivities, your yin relationship with all that is around you.

Great Love,
Chris Griscom

The successful person must have enough command of his or her life to take time out to listen to the inner voice of the Higher Self, which is eternally present awaiting the question.

--Excerpt from Chris Griscom's book, Feminine Fusion