Chris Griscom August Message 2020

Dear Soul Friends,

The Higher Mind has the holographic capability of simultaneously recognizing and grasping information from many dimensions, which are directly related to our own personal repertoire.

The techniques that open up new aspects of one's multidimensional self, with everyday life always taking on new perspectives as a result, are the foundation of our work at The Light Institute.

In The Light Institute Sessions, we are not set loose in other dimensions like moviegoers to passively watch something that is not directly related to ourselves. WE are the movie. What we experience is about US. The Higher Mind always uses its own, albeit expanded, repertoire of cognition.

It is the birthright of of everyone to make use of their full-mind capacities.

We were born to open up the creativity within us. We have come here as part of a solution. Everyone has come here with a gift to give. Every single experience during this lifetime and all the other lives has forged us, refined us, so that we may burst forth and manifest who we really are.

Each time we experience spiritual creative energy--even if it is brief--positive effects endure in all areas of life.

At The Light Institute, we help individuals find the center within themselves, wherein they can stabilize and strengthen their connection to their Higher Self, their own inner-voice, the intuitive essence of the Soul.

With the new insight and strength gained through this connection, we can move forward in our lives and achieve whatever we want.

Great Love,
Chris Griscom

The Divine presence of the Higher Self in our lives brings an ecstatic source of knowing, which is all we need to become whole beings...
The answers always lie within the self-created experiences of our multi-dimensional being...

Excerpts from Chris Griscom's book, Time is an Illusion