Chris Griscom Message August 2022

Dear Soul Friends,

In order to move the frequencies of your consciousness, it is necessary to commit the self to sit in the presence of your own energy field. By becoming familiar with your subtle energies you can then alter them effortlessly by consciously brushing away any debris and crystallizations.

This is where choice begins. By paying attention to this emanating energy, you can alter any place in it that is stuck so that it becomes smooth and strong.

The physical body and the subtle bodies have whole systems that facilitate heightened frequencies of consciousness and intermingle with each other to quicken the current of life.

The nervous system has its relay of impulses jumping across the synapses to carry consciousness throughout the body. The quality and frequency of those impulses are influenced by the subtle Shakti life force energy that moves inside and around the nervous pathways. There are also the meridian channels that harness energy flows, as well as the large channels of blood and lymph that move the fluids through the body.

All these different moving energies must come into concert with each other in order to hold the new frequencies of consciousness. The rapid-fire energy of these higher frequencies is so explosive that the nervous system must be taught how to elongate this high, ecstatic pitch, lest it fall back into its opposite of despair.

If you want to be able to maintain these states, you must lay the foundation.

It is so easy and direct to ask the body what color it needs to quicken these frequencies. As you draw that color into your body, you feel the change. Light is a loving way to dissolve negativity. Disease, negative emotions, or scar tissue all create a dullness or darkness in the body because there is no movement of the chi, or energy; whereas, the presence of light reinstates motion and unleashes the blockage that brings about a new balance.

It is that simple.

Great Love,
Chris Griscom

When you sit in the center of consciousness there is a radiance, a radiance caused by the incredible charge of life force that begins to pulse out around you. When you become aware of radiance, that there is radiant energy coming from you, you are able to perceive radiance everywhere.

Excerpt from Chris Griscom's book, Feminine Fusion