Chris Griscom Message 2021 March

Dear Soul Friends,

How can we find new, more expansive reference systems for our life? How can we experience the multidimensionality of our existence?

The first step is, as in the proverb, 'Know thyself.' We must begin by grasping who and what we are. We have to take on the responsibility for our own life--in every way. We can and must choose freely with whom to live and work, the health of our body, what feelings we have, what thoughts we develop, in what way we lift ourselves above the everyday consciousness into spiritual dimensions.

Thus far in our search for ourselves, we have used methods making us dependent on others. We seek self-confirmation and identity through and in others. We use the outside world and our environment as a mirror. Now, however, we must begin breaking out of these habits, leaving them behind, and exploring on our own who and what we want to be.

We are in the midst of a generously laid-out, timeless, divine game of synchronism, of simultaneous events and processes.

We are dancing in a cosmic dance for which we can arrange the music as well as the choreography. We are learning the laws of energy that are catapulting us into our future, our destiny.

Today, we are at the threshold of a critical mass through which we can soar to another octave of reality. The is the reason we are experiencing such an influx of help from various dimensions, why we can observe a worldwide expansion of consciousness. It is a thrilling experience to discover that we can establish contact with other dimensions and be in those dimensions ourselves.

We are ascending to a higher reality in the evolutionary spiral--an ascent that we can assist to proceed peacefully and harmoniously.

We evolve by transmuting our existent forms into a new, greater consciousness filled by the pulse of the universe. Let us be carried, penetrated, by the universal energy flushing away all fears and inner blocks and opening up our view of the unmanifest through which we can see all aspects of ourselves.

We, ourselves, are the point of meaning, the singular, unlimited resource of evolution!

Great Love,
Chris Griscom

If we aspire to become a new species, or better our lives by discovering new ways of living, we must diligently expand our consciousness.
The conscious fusion with, and in, the wonderful wholeness of divine energy makes us happier, more inspired, richer, more secure and supported.

Excerpts from Chris Griscom's book, The Healing of Emotion: Awakening the Fearless Self

Your Soul is here to perceive past the limitations of your five senses, past the limitation of the world around you.

Excerpt from Chris Griscom's book, Ecstasy is a New Frequency