Chris Griscom December Message 2020

Dear Soul Friends,

The re-discovery of the Windows to the Sky was like coming home for me.

Oh yes, I had been there...many times...and so have you.

Five thousand years ago, the 'Windows' were used to facilitate only the priests and emperors on secret journeys into the cosmos for the expansion of their consciousness, and to 'anchor the Sky' back into their Earth bodies.

In those nebulous times, only a few were prepared to venture into the unmanifest. Now there are many, and the urgency is pressing in on us like a birthing of ourselves and our planet.

We are in the final stage of transition, before the last few pushes bring forth a fantastic leap into a more enlightened world. If we open the Windows to the Sky, the peace and clarity of other dimensions will enter into ours.

Opening the 'Windows' now, in contrast to thousands of years ago, has shown me that the separation between mind and body is infinitely greater today than it was then, and we cannot simply translate polluted bodies into the light frequencies, because they have been so abandoned. We have to re-ignite the fires of the body and awaken the cellular memory if we are to gain access to the kind of expansion necessary for this higher work.

The Incarnational Sessions at The Light Institute help a person charge their body with the cosmic currents, that in turn guide its consciousness back out into octaves and dimensions which are otherwise too different for the body to perceive. Because the energy circuits become fused, the person going through the experiences can hold the energies and feel what it is to be Light, without losing contact with this world.

When a person has been able to attain these frequencies, through the pure clarity of light, they become larger than life, and their very presence is uplifting to others and our world.

Great Love,
Chris Griscom

...These are connecting worlds of such light and intensity, it may be hard to imagine that they can be integrated into ours. They are the realms of synergistic realities, frequencies of light beyond our spectrum, and encounters with other beings who have learned the cosmic laws of energy and therefore wield a technology that could be of great value to us.

Excerpt from Chris Griscom's book, Soul Bodies