Chris Griscom September Message 2020

Dear Soul Friends,

The more you use the feminine energy, the more emotionally, physically, and spiritually you amplify your capacity to direct energy so that you become the great giver. The power of the feminine is to become the unlimited giver. You are simply a channel of energy that is coming in and going out. Then all avenues of reception are open, and this is when the fires are ignited--when there is no closure, no resistance to receiving.

The moment you become the giver, you cannot fight with your lover, your mother, your father, or... because, suddenly, whatever you are wanting from them--which is definition of the self--dissolves. They cannot give it to you.
You are too big.

This is called the 'funnel of innitiation,' when you suddenly realize that you cannot get what you want from someone else, that their interpretation of who you are is not big enough to encompass all of you. This is when you have to let go of caring about someone else's judgment, you stop holding back your love or your truth. You are no longer afraid to speak, and by the same token, everything that you speak becomes beautiful.

When you experience such all-encompassing energy, the consciousness does not perceive the personality self. This is the moment in which you truly see Source, in which you can dance in the energetic fields, delight in the sparks of the constantly changing energy.

Once this pulse has been activated within the physical, sexual, and emotional bodies--through the heart, the mind, and the spiritual energies--it creates a reverberating, ongoing patterning, a pool into which you can dip at any moment when you are willing to let go of the limitation of the self.

Each time you choose this quality of energy, the auric field stands charged because the very energies that create the will and the substance of life have come into complete relationship to each other. When you give yourself this gift, the charge in the energetic field stimulates it in everyone else around you.

This is the Shakti, the life force energy that can be passed like a chain of ignition, in every direction, in every octave, to every being!

Great Love,
Chris Griscom

The feminine Shakti nourishes and feeds the purpose of life, the karmic intent that allows the Soul to grow.

Excerpt from Chris Griscom's book, Feminine Fusion