Chris Griscom Message July 2024

Dear Soul Friends, You and I are part of something infinitely bigger than our physical reality.
 Though we are not solely our bodies, they seem to cause our forgetfulness; and therefore, our anguish of separation from Source. In truth, it is not our bodies that separate us from Source; it is our bodies that are its expression. Without form, the universe would have no structure upon which to evolve and so would cease to exist.
 The Soul will eternally incarnate. It will renew itself by taking form just as we renew ourselves by returning to essence! Infinite variety and environment await the Soul's choice of form, not always to be birthed on Planet Earth or even as a Human. In fact, all Humans have inherited a cosmic, genetic encoding that has condensed down from subtle dimensions of light and space. Our physical form actually consists mostly of light, water, and space. Ultraviolet light is the transmitter of DNA messages which can replicate cells almost infinitely. Every cell holds and nourishes itself through light. Water is the maternal sea of cellular existence. Our blood carries the same constituents as the sea and nearly all cellular transactions occur in a liquid medium. Water is life to us. We have difficulty recognizing ourselves as space. Our Emotional Body wants to feel itself safe in the womb of limited reality so that it can avoid its greatest fear of separated isolation. Can you even imagine yourself as space? It can be very frightening to your ego to be free of constraint, because its very bondage defines it. The ego becomes anxious when it loses solidity, yet the experience of becoming space guides the ego into the realm of transcendence. You are the impregnated void, swirling in and out of form to gather new energies. Whenever you become embroiled in any kind of situation that overwhelms you and you cannot see your way out, or you begin to contract into defensiveness, just take a deep breath and begin expanding until you can perceive that the difficulty is but a dot in infinite space. Imagine that you are the whole universe and as you surround the problem, you activate or shift the energy balance. Transcend adversity by expanding. Great Love, Chris Griscom Space is not the empty void we perceive it to be. It is a creative soup, filled with particles of life waiting for the impetus to translate from essence energy to physical form. Our bodies are the perfect vehicle to fuse essence and form. Their source material includes all the creations of our earthly evolutionary ladder, as well as cosmic designs from all around our universe. --Excerpts from Chris Griscom's book, "Soul Bodies"