Chris Griscom Message February 2024


Dear Soul Friends,

The only hope for assimilating the uncharted wealth available to us in the unmanifest, is to access it through our clear intention and bring it into this world.

There is no external access to your inner Self.

As we begin to extend our tools of perception, we find that symbols are the language of the unconscious. As we draw forms from this great swirling pool, we give form to the formless so that we can move into those octaves of translation, into the increments of meaning that we can utilize as the fuel for our expansion, for our growth.

As the great Masters have said, "Follow the little children." We can come into the experience of the child, because the child is the closest, most intimate, palpable, living symbol. It is the same time-bridge that allows the Emotional Body to make contact with the Higher Self, to make contact with the Soul.

By fusing with the child within us, we are able to expand the Emotional Body's repertoire, allowing the child to go from experiences of fear, anxiety, and imbalance, and move into a balanced state. We begin to learn the technique; we begin to learn the pathway, learn that we can, at any moment, rebalance our own selves. Thus, we have that connection to our divine Higher Selves.

From this octave, we can then go on to introduce those higher levels of emotions which have not been present on this planet, those ecstatic states of consciousness that are not as yet a part of our frame of reference. So the child within is a profound bridgeway in our evolutionary process.

Bridging is crucial in this lifetime to bring forth the unmanifest into manifestation.

Great Love,
Chris Griscom

The Higher Self is the megaphone of the Soul; it can fill the emotions with the flutter of the Soul.

--Excerpt from Chris Griscom's book, Ecstasy is a New Frequency