Chris Griscom August 2019 Message

Dear Soul Friends,

The grip of the cosmic currents whispers a pulse--bringing us into worlds we have completely forgotten or have relegated to the domain of imagination.

By its very nature, spiritual experience is personal and must be validated by one's own self. It cannot be judged by the outside world. Every flicker that comes into our consciousness, reminding us of us of divinity, is a precious beacon of light shining upon the truth of our Soul.

Spiritual undercurrents shape our existence because the laws of karma direct us to the lessons that feed the Soul. Each incarnation of the Soul carries its own blueprint as to the themes and teachings that will be predominant in the lifetime.

It is a divine Soul that incarnates, not an accidental Human.

We cannot get into body without the Soul's mandate. Spiritual DNA, like our other DNA components, is threaded through our very Souls! 

The opportunity to experience this kind of energy, directly, can change you forever.

The ability to wield incarnational knowing is a gift that comes to you through the power your Soul has accrued in other sojourns into body. By revisiting these incarnations through incarnational spiritual work, you find yourself expressing a higher essence, which has always been within you.

Great Love,
Chris Griscom

Beyond the inheritance of our family lies a path back through the ancestral Chi into the wave upon wave of energetic material that has sourced a thousand lives. From them all has been gathered an infinite array of qualities and gifts that we can call upon to enrich our lives.

Excerpt from Chris Griscom's book, Psychogenetics: The Force of Heredity