Human-Nature Alliance / Eco SOS

Dear Soul Friends,

It is time for us all to stretch out our dreams of who we might become and begin to practice being our true selves. It can be exhilarating and illuminating to “reinvent” ourselves in ways that shift our sense of self and our search for belonging and purpose.  I want to connect to you through enacting several projects that give us a way of serving the health of our planet and our own bodies.  Will you please join your consciousness with mine to focus on the manifestation of changes that will bring us to a more harmonious world?

Chris Griscom Kissing a WhaleLong ago I began a project called “human Potential and Global Responsibility.” The idea was to use our wonderful intuition and compassion to shift local and global situations.  I took it to Russia to the Academy of Science with a project to teach children to neutralize radiation and dissolve pollution.  They subsequently demonstrated how consciousness could dissolve toxins in an office on TV.  

The concept of manifesting and de-manifesting came from “calling the rain” which the Hopis have done for hundreds of years.  Passing energy into and out of manifestation utilizes the same principle.  

I have now begun the Human-Nature Alliance/ECO SOS.  Through our interconnection, we can send energy to any situation across the globe that needs uplifting help.  

If you will join me by sending your e-mail here, when someone informs us of a local or global environmental situation, I will alert all members and offer ways to send energy for the resolution of the problem.

At the Nizhoni School for Global Consciousness, we have always used the environment as an example of how consciousness can influence the weather in concert with Mother Nature.  Let us come together and do it now!  The Earth is calling.

As I receive your e-mail, I will send you a link to download my little booklet,

QUICKENINGS: Meditations For The Millennium, as a Thank You.

Great Love, Chris Griscom

You can move a mountain.

You can stop an earthquake.

You can save a tree.

You can call the rain and sun.

You can change the darkness.

You can bring the Light.