Potential Body: Helix of Enlightened Health - new book by Chris Griscom

Dear Soul Friends,

My new book, Potential Body: Helix of Enlightened Health, is like the guiding cairns marking pathways that you might never find without them--except that we are the ones who will place the cairns.

Great Love,
Chris Griscom

It is my purpose in 'Potential Body' to introduce you to a myriad of ancient and modern techniques from around the world--along with cosmic consciousness--that will give you the tools to reinvent your body and realign your relationship with it. This new kind of healing comes from applying potential into reality, rather than the concept of fixing what is not well. Healing can be perceived as simply moving from what was to what is, through bringing into play what 'can' be, i.e., potential.
--Quote by Chris from this new book, Potential Body: Helix of Enlightened Health

***For the Reader: This book is now available online Worldwide, from all major distributors, as an ebook & softcover. Please enjoy a few quotes by Chris Griscom, from her newest gift to Humanity.***

Excerpts from: "Potential Body: Helix of Enlightened Health"

--'Potential Body' offers you the tools to wield your own body in such a way as to create a new kind of higher balance that incorporates emotional, physical, mental and spiritual energies. Not only can you learn how to heal your body, but you can reach a new level of experience in the body that will truly help you to feel the miraculous potential of life.

--...we are finally advanced enough to engage in that potential in ways that will change what is to live in human form.

--Imagine a time when physical bodies do not age, do not break down, and above all, do not frighten us!

--It is not our bodies that are counting the distance from youth to the present, or advancing age, it is our ever-critical, self-evaluation that scorches our physical form. These negative imprints arise in our youth and become the ever-present repetitive mantras of our self-image.

--The human body is a living, conscious entity that thinks, and feels and communicates. All you have to do is learn how to listen to it.

--If we come to know what our body needs physically, emotionally and spiritually, we can begin to interact with our own self in new and even 'magical' ways.

--Imagination creates the pathway through which consciousness travels from the fog of non-matter into the light of potential and utilization. Consciousness is the accelerator of evolution: It provides the illumination of choice from the depth of the Soul.

--Experience transits the borders of what seems to be and what might become. In effect, reality as a frozen point of the moment, is overcome by an impetus from an unseen source that comes to the fore through the undeniable truth experience that expands all possibility. The mind of which I speak is a portent of its unseen and unfathomable partner--cosmic consciousness.

--Let us embark upon a healing adventure together.

--It is within your power to attain...a Potential Body--ageless, healthy, full of life, and your own vehicle of conscious expression and evolution. 

--Great Love, Chris Griscom