Sunday "Knowings" with Chris Griscom


Questions and answers relative to our spiritual, personal, global & cosmic growth: Chris films Meditation & Knowings every Sunday, which are uploaded to YouTube, for all of you around the World. Please send your questions to Chris via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you would like to receive the link for these videos, contact The Light Institute & ask to be on our email list, or click the following links to view:  March 22: Knowings Part 1 , Knowings Part 2; April 6 Knowings, April 12 Knowings, April 19 Knowings, April 26 Knowings, May 3 Knowings, May 10 Knowings, May 17 Knowings , May 24 Knowings, June 7 Knowings, June 14 Knowings, June 28 Knowings. July 5 KnowingsJuly 12 Knowings,July 19 Knowings, July 26 Knowings, August 3 Knowings, August 9 Knowings...  

To view all of Chris Griscom's Sunday Meditations & Knowings, as well as her recent videos on YouTube relating to the current global situation, please click here.