Chris Griscom Octoter 2019 Message


Dear Soul Friends,

'"Who am 'I' in this life?" This question, the problem of personal power, surfaces in almost all Multi-Incarnational Sessions at The Light Institute, and represents a challenge faced by all people living at this time on the planet.

Our vibrating frequency is higher and faster than ever before.

Our consciousness has broadened and opened up, so much that we now inquire about the reason and purpose of our being here. We are concerned about finding out who we really are and how we can manifest this in our lives.

What makes us able to leave our mark on the world? What makes one into a Buddha, a Jesus or an Einstein? Adversity often helps forge what we are or will become, because it triggers the energetics of power we already have.

But at this cosmic moment on our planet, with the rhythm of life strongly accelerated and the life forces pulsating stronger and faster, we are establishing other, new methods of teaching ourselves.

People coming to The Light Institute have one thing in common: they want to know their inner selves and commune with their Higher Selves. Many are very successful, famous, influential, and so many are astoundingly young. They all search for 'Enlightenment.' They are longing to find a place in the world on a global level.

Our initial experiences in this world concern who we are, what we can give, and how much strength we have in relationships. We can approach self-realization much more easily when we do not fight our chosen lessons, but accept and recognize that we are in the middle of a meaningful learning phase. The people with whom we struggle--the alleged opponent, the villain or the powerful authority--are recognized as great 'teachers' whom we embrace.

Wellsprings of energy become activated in us, new energy and levels of consciousness are opened up to us, and our paths of development unfold on their own. We really experience and understand this, not just intellectually: we become creative--creators.

We realize that we can freely decide to do what is best for us.

Through this new spiritual energy the emotional body is released of old emotional residues and is simultaneously capable of opening itself to a new energy, with which, with great fascination and joy, it will pull itself continually upward.

You are thrust forward into a new dance, a dance in the spiral of creativity.

Great Love,
Chris Griscom

Once we resonate harmoniously with the new reality that we are creators, we will be transformed forever!

Excerpt from Chris Griscom's book, Time is an Illusion