Chris Griscom Message 2021 September

Dear Soul Friends,

As we experience the energies of the universe within us, the veils are lifted and we see clearly through the window of truth.

The vision is one of true knowing that erupts from the Soul. It may crystallize no images but for the brightness of Light. If we can hold the flicker of Light until it becomes a flame, all reality will be forged through its fire, and transmute itself into the essence material we will then shape into new life.

Together, we are the Song of the Universe, orchestrating through the vibration of Light the birth of form and matter.

Imagine: You can change the world.

In the silent awareness of your consciousness, you can experience the healing taking place on personal and planetary levels, and know that you have played a very important part by acknowledging your Light.

Light is the healer of all disharmony. By its power, we can pass through any illusions of karma or places of darkness. Light is the giver of clarity and sight.

Great Love,
Chris Griscom

You can move a mountain. You can stop an earthquake. You can save a tree. You can call the rain and sun. You can change the darkness. You can bring the Light.

--Excerpt from Chris Griscom's book, Quickenings