Chris Griscom 2020 New Year Message


Dear Soul Friends,

Let's enter the conversation of participating as Source ourselves!

We are Divine not only because we are the miracle of life, but we are the Source of everything we attract to ourselves.

It is time to allow what comes to us to be positive, wonderful energies returning as the amplification of our mirroring Divinity.

We need the courage to imagine and practice Divine expression.  Divine Source is not about how we should live, but that how we live reflects all of Divinity.

As Human consciousness becomes more enlightened, rules will not be necessary, inner-guidance will be inherent, and life will include a profound sense of Godliness within all sentient beings.  We will have accessed our birthright and activated our true destiny.

We must 'choose' to be conscious of the Divine Source. The grace of spiritual life is truly about choosing. Once we do, the illumination begins to flow into our life unimpeded.

When we connect directly with our Divine Source, we find that effort, in all levels of our lives, diminishes. We are free to feel the profound embrace of the Cosmos in our hearts at every moment.

Rather than the fear and struggle that has swallowed our small personal reality, we can embrace all Humans as one Soul group and share peaceful existence as our birthright during this sojourn on Earth.

How we transcend our lives now, how we bring the mysteries of the Universe into our bodies and our World, is the next octave of all spiritual endeavors.

Great Love,
Chris Griscom

...We will find the solutions to our earthly problems through the interface between our limited reality and the reaches of Cosmic Source.

Choice is the richest tool of all. With it we can create our World.

Peace is a choice...
Peace is the result of transcendence.

Excerpts from Chris Griscom's books, Psychogenetics, Quickenings, & The Evolution of God