Chris Griscom Message August 2018


Dear Soul Friends,
It is our great challenge at this time to allow the unmanifest nature of our true beings to be present with our physical realities, so that our form becomes truly the form of Divine Source.
We must accept that we have chosen from our knowing, from our great wisdom, from our great love, to be born to parents, to brothers, to lovers, to families, to cultures, to this World, for a reason.
We have come to do something, to be something, to vibrate an energy.
Each one of us is here purposefully to give something to this Earth, to ourselves, to everyone around us. We must come into contact with that purpose, with the meaning of our lives. We must begin to see with our greater knowing, with our greater God-Self, to understand that we count, that every single one of us is doing something here.
We are born accompanied by the grace of the Higher Self, which is not a personage but an energetic channel of the unmanifest Soul.
The Higher Self is our best guide because it is not attached to any human perspective. The Higher Self is the only energy which can access our personal hologram in and of itself as it interfaces with the infinite, Divine Cosmos. The Higher Self is always within the realm of truth, always intrinsic to our experience of consciousness.
The Higher Self can change the feelings we have towards each other, towards reality, how we perceive. That's why we're here--to bring in the Higher Self.
Each one of us must awaken and know that we are our own teachers, that we are our own healers, that we are our own priests.
As we spin up the spiral vortex of life, all dimensional realities can move to that quickening evolutionary process along with us.
We, ourselves, are the stars of evolution!
Great Love,
Chris Griscom
You must experience the light that you can create yourself. As you experience the light, your focus will be on using that light.
Choice is the richest tool of all. With it we can create our World.
Excerpts from Chris Griscom's books, Ecstasy is a New Frequency: Teachings of The Light Institute & Quickenings: Meditations for the Millennium