Chris Griscom Message 4-20-2022

Dear Soul Friends,

It seems that each new awakening has always been met with violent resistance and accompanied by bloodshed. In today's world, we do not need war, we need examples of peace to lead us through a questionable future teetering on the precipice because of the human habit of fighting.

There must be a better way, a new way!

Why is it that with all the messages of the scared teachings, we cannot seem to live them--that we cannot find their goodness? We study the words, but they are frozen in mental levels of existence. I am sure all of us feel we do good things sometimes. Why not actively practice the goodness, rather than just talking about it, or using it to convince ourselves we are enacting the words of these holy teachings?

Up until now, we have been imprisoned in the word stage of spiritual understanding rather than the stage of deeds, or even beingness.

May the teachings of our spiritual source guide us beyond thought--to the essence, to conscious awareness within the great, infinite formless universe. Humans are preparing to call the cosmos home, to travel into the void and return with the knowing that brings each of us into the Divine fold.

We must learn how to become enlightened beings who can manifest and wield energy without suffering.

We can lift the teachings from their encapsulations and practice them as something real, as if they were steps in a dance. Then there would be no fighting, no lonely separation.

In the end, our spiritual evolution is not what is written in a book, not what is said, nor who said it. Rather it is how we take a message or teaching that inspires us, that allows us to feel our connection to The Divine, and how we bring that into our lives, becoming what we truly are--beings of Divine Source.

Great Love,
Chris Griscom

I trust in the goodness of Humans.

My loving heart pleads, "Come beyond your books--come into the heart of Humanity where Source truly dwells. If you touch that place, you will become the truest essence of all you have ever read."

Excerpts from Chris Griscom's book, The Evolution of God