Chris Griscom Message 2021 July

Dear Soul Friends,

As a species, we were not given Consciousness to simply discover our physical genetic blueprint as if that were our true story. We were given the capacity to listen to the wisdom of the body as it expresses the Soul; to discern through our awareness the solutions that will carry us forward.

Our Soul offers a body that promotes the choices which will help us master the lessons we have chosen to learn from the spiritual perspective.

We do not have to learn these lessons through suffering and pain.

The moment that we contemplate or move inside ourselves, we have the power, the capacity, and the right to change our genetic structure so that what we pass on is the highest octave of our Consciousness.

No outside force can do this for us. It is the privilege of our individuation and it must be accomplished individually through the focus of each person on his or her psychogenetic blueprint.

We are not driven by genes that are isolated in a closed circuit.

Genes are shaped by Consciousness. We can discover that Consciousness and reinvent ourselves.

Great Love,
Chris Griscom

Our cellular memories can take us in many directions; directions that lead us to greatness...

Excerpt from Chris Griscom's book, Psychogenetics