Chris Griscom July Message 2020

Dear Soul Friends,

We here on Earth are all one Soul group.

The unfinished alliances from past civilizations are calling us to complete the karmic lessons we began together and find new creative solutions to our dilemmas.

Ultimately, it may have more to do with how our consciousness communes, rather than any other kind of togetherness. Since we view life from a third-dimensional perspective, we think of a group as something physical. But it will be the 'Soul Group' that reflects our ultimate truth.

We must find a way to communicate with each other as Souls.

The channel of the Soul is outside of time and space. The line is never busy and although the person or group may not be conscious of the communication, they will receive it and respond within the ethers. These fabulous attributes of Spirit, which include telepathy and clairvoyance, are the birthright of all Human Beings.

Larger groups always allow a broad sweep of experiential history to define their specific evolutionary themes.

Interspecies communication could be a great tool in opening our future to a solar neighborhood that is calling upon us to participate.

There are untold Soul groups in the Universe, separated from us only by the thin veils of dimensional sleeves. As we develop new faculties to perceive them, we will embrace the wisdom of the Devas, the Angels, and the Galactics, as they come to embrace our own.

Great Love,
Chris Griscom

Multi-dimensional awareness need not take us out of everyday life, but can give a richness and amplification of purpose to our lives we sorely need at this time.

Excerpt from Chris Griscom's upcoming book, Potential Body: The Helix of Enlightened Health