Chris Griscom Message December 2018


Dear Soul Friends,
We have sought, and always will seek, to find our source--to comprehend how it is that we have been brought to life, that we do live, and for what ultimate purpose. There is surely a Divine Force flowing through the Cosmos that nurtures the existence of all life, and we must acknowledge that there is a hand that consciously shapes life, experiments with species, and designs new and varied forms. Why do we insist that the hand of "God" be a human hand?
To be sure, we are only one expression of artistic endeavor. Just as we Humans have reached a point that we can manipulate genetic structure and therefore the form and kinds of species, it is only intelligent to presume that this genetic art has gone on throughout the eons and will continue to go on, not only in our neighborhood, but even from one Universe to another.
Many of the great historical and religious doctrines relate that "the gods came down and seeded the daughters of man." Were not those interchanges for some great Cosmic purpose? Did they evolutionize the Human species?
Even at this moment, it is clear that we need another Cosmic infusion to lift us out of the stale encapsulation that has isolated us from the eternal pulse.
We are being infused with a new kind of energy--bringing a new relationship with the Cosmos.
Our spiritual heritage is rich and full of ecstatic potential that we have not yet realized ourselves.
As we are mixed and recombined in the Cosmic cauldron, our Human essence is infiltrating all the other perpetrators of the evolutionary pulse.
Great Love,
Chris Griscom
The Human heart has an as yet unfulfilled and unattained potential, a kind of power in its stretching that is felt out into the Galaxy.
Excerpt from Chris Griscom's book, Soul Bodies