Chris Griscom November 2019 Message


Dear Soul Friends,

We need a catapultic leap of consciousness to glimpse possible new cultural models. So far, we have thought ourselves brave because we are trying out each other's parts in the play. It is a very horizontal perspective that urgently needs to give way to a vertical shift into a whole new universe of being...the freedom of spontaneous selfhood.

Though societies appear to change rapidly, emotional associations and conclusions of our ancestors seep into our very being and dictate the tides of our reactions. Encrusted emotion is the bonding material that holds us together and we cannot possibly tell it apart from that which we feel to be our own.

As we make broad sweeps over time and space, we realize that our cultural repertoire spans all of history. Within the psychogenetic web of humans are all the activities in which we have engaged from the beginning of human gatherings. Time holds no power over genetic inheritance, and only a mutation that alters the pattern has any effect on the surface of the form. This illumination is both deeply disturbing and promising.

Cultures of the past and even those around us seem so far away from what is important to us. Entrenched in our own realities, we may never give them a thought. It is a new concept that they could be connected to our destiny or the way we live our lives, but they are.

We are in tandem with all human cultures and will always be interdependent. What they felt or do now creates a sounding board from which we hear and see our own lives. We may not feel that we care, but we must, because the flicker of their experiences has become the flame of our potential.

Everything we do has ramifications that extend beyond ourselves into our families, cultures, and into the cosmos.

We must recognize who we are without fear, and come to the great cosmic play with the ecstasy and pleasure of joining in with the creative force.

Every genetic mutation brings about the opportunity for the kind of genetic illumination that becomes the guiding force of evolution.

In the same way that you can laser radiant white light into your DNA to alter or activate a quality, you can initialize the point of peace at its DNA site and initiate a lineage of peaceful global beings.

Great Love,
Chris Griscom

We...long for flight...towards something free & light.

Every time you use your consciousness to bring forth a peaceful state, it will be carried out over the ethers, across the planet, and out through our atmosphere.

--Excerpts from Chris Griscom's book, Psychogenetics: The Force of Heredity