Chris Griscom Message 2021 May

Dear Soul Friends,

If we recognize that there are no strangers, no enemies, no outsiders, and no 'others;' that all people with whom we interact, especially our supposed adversaries, are Souls familiar to us for aeons, with whom we have arranged to meet in an intricate dance of life, and death, then it would be easier to honor one another and find more pleasure in this mutual exploration we call life.

As we develop the conscious capacity to be the witness to our interaction with the people who appear on our life screen, we begin to actually learn how to direct the play. We can move them around and modify or alter their roles to access the most poignant Soul material for our growth.

It is a shocking and slightly scary discovery to recognize that it is we ourselves who make the choices that design reality. As we feel our way into freedom and responsibility, and the moment we 'take' responsibility--from the heart--life starts working for us.

Even if we must change the players and the locations, we begin to feel an inner peace and an easier flow that comes from being on the path ordained by the Higher Self.

The 'fearless self' emerges as we extend our vocabulary of participation to the world beyond our immediate family. As our World stretches out, we have the opportunity to discover the unlimited extent of familiarity from the perspective of the Soul.

'There are no strangers!'

Each being we encounter, even from a distance, is placed in that synchronous space to teach us to reflect on the self. As we take up the power to look on the world and see it as a mirror of ourselves, we begin to find the strength to pass through the fear to the other the shore of Knowing.

This glimmer of recognition offers us the power of participation.

Great Love,
Chris Griscom

Weaning ourselves away from secondhand, passive living frees the time and space for us to develop a sacred relationship with the Higher Self, the intuitive essence of the Soul, and return to the flow of energy that awakens Universal Consciousness.

--Excerpt from Chris Griscom's book, The Healing of Emotion