Chris Griscom Message June 2023

Dear Soul Friends,

We are ready, now, to discover the whole of what is within, so that we can participate more wholly in what is being shaped without.

We are called upon to integrate our lessons and take a decisive step toward reaching a higher octave, becoming masters operating with creative powers in this earthly dimension.

By using the incarnational format to access specific themes, we are able to reshape the magnetic astral connections that allow them to continue to play themselves out in this lifetime. Decrystalizing them as they have become encapsulated in this archetypal and obsolete form, we free the essence of the Soul's energy to move again through us, so that the power and knowing available is reusable and even more perfected.

As we release these dimensional memory packets within ourselves, we trigger their release in others around us whom we have attracted into this lifetime, through the very same energetic exchanges of those experiential echoes.

We can release those hardened habits that have deposited themselves at the cellular level and replace them with a flow of healing energy that automatically generates love.

When we discover how energies work within us, we can transform dull, unconscious or negative patterns into higher, lighter frequencies, which absolutely change who we are now.

Multidimensional reality amplifies our choices and responses to ourselves and the world outside us.

Great Love,
Chris Griscom

The Self, the Soul, moves according to cosmic law, always higher and nearer the wellspring of creation. Life moves itself upward, always toward the light...

--Excerpt from Chris Griscom's book, Time Is An Illusion