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Chris Griscom Message for Humanity

Chris Griscom Message for Humanity

Dear Soul Friends,

The incredible spewing of Human hatred, separation and violence on our planet right now is the result of an influx of higher energy that is affecting our DNA. The increased radiation, the sunspots, and the synchronicity of evolution are disrupting the sediment of ancestral imprints.

Like a powerful centrifugal force, the altercation of frequencies is spinning the residues of Human history out to the surface to be released. The tragic experiences of our forefathers have imprinted themselves into the fabric of our DNA for millennia and they must now be shaken loose.

Global themes are part of our collective consciousness. Love and power, fear and hate, death and God are all subjects that shape our cultures and define our World.

Our inner conversations are echoed out across the seas and touch all other Humans.

We are discovering that “what happens to you, happens to me."

Any profound experience of one group or one place ripples out across the psychogenetic airwaves and triggers a corresponding response in others.

It is difficult for us to take responsibility for the "unspeakables" of others, but until we do, we will not emerge from the shadowland of the past.

By exploring these dimensional, incarnational hidden hatreds, we can dissolve them from our DNA so that our children's children will not carry the seeds of Human frailty.

Through the portals of global inheritance, we will emerge as a collective entity.

The spiritual focus on the Divine is the truest and most powerful force to bring Humanity together.

Great Love,
Chris Griscom