Chris Griscom Message December 2022

Dear Soul Friends,

Obsessive thought patterns and energies are as old as humanity itself. If we can rid ourselves of them on an individual basis, we can also rid ourselves of collective obsessions in families, societal groups, and even on the entire planet.

The basic pattern of social and political fear is still much too frequently: "If you are powerful, I cannot be powerful--only one of us can survive." The alternative, to which we have not been open enough to date, means turning toward each other and dealing with each other like a harmonious family--giving up individual claims to power and finally taking on our collective birthright. This paranoia can be left behind if we experience our own divine selves and thereby the divinity of every other being deep inside and in a tangible way.

On this planet Earth, we have reached a stage of evolution in which it is important to find the inner teacher. We are blessed with great beings who instruct and model for us the choice of enlightenment. Tragically, we become obsessed by their essence and power, and then cannot see the divine reflection they offer us. We hunger to receive their spiritual wisdom, even though we actually possess our own spiritual knowledge from the time of our birth.

We do not have to collect more energy or more spiritual wisdom. Everything is already within us. We merely have to make the connection between our manifest world and the unmanifest spiritual dimensions.

We expand the divine consciousness by letting it flow into the physical octaves. The divine consciousness is already there. It is a question of applying it creatively. Our lack of comprehension and our abuse of energy cause the dependency whereby our spiritual energy is squeezed into rigid patterns of adherence and mimicking something outside ourselves. It is not the spiritual teacher or religion that controls us, it is our refusal to become ignited with the flame of our own divine spark.

We can consider this challenge an initiation. All true spiritual teachers spread this message, 'Seek God in each other, find the master in yourselves.'

We want to awaken the understanding of our own spirituality. We are eternal, unlimited, and divine. As soon as we realize this, we can transpose the thought into our everyday life and learn its practical application. We can do this only if we turn inward and let go. At The Light Institute, we call this path "access to the Higher Self."

Only when we touch our inner clarity and can send out the message ourselves, that every being is divine, will the message resound around the world.

Great Love,
Chris Griscom

People coming to The Light Institute all have one thing in common: they want to know their inner selves and commune with their Higher Selves. They all search for Enlightenment. They are longing to find a place in the world on a global level.

Excerpt from Chris Griscom's book, Time Is An Illusion