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In response to current worldwide events, along with exponentially growing requests from around the world to access Chris Griscom and her work, Chris has created GLOBAL ECHELON. This is a network through which she can connect with all of you to initiate and practice elevated consciousness for the benefit of each of you, and the planet.

GLOBAL ECHELON is a weekly program by Chris for members, via YouTube. Together, a Global Community of Soul Friends receives the link to these twenty minute programs each weekend, to explore new spiritual perspectives and actions that further personal growth on a global level.  The programs also include "Exercises in Consciousness," developed by Chris to energetically clear & amplify energies.   Each GLOBAL ECHELON program is available to members indefinitely, and comes to you as an unlisted YouTube link, which you may watch at your convenience.

Also during each GLOBAL ECHELON, Chris will touch on Spiritual Technologies, Healing and Light Institute Teachings that support Spiritual Evolution & Global Interaction.

This is the moment to practice a more enlightened consciousness that we all hold within our true potential.

Join Chris Griscom and the Soul friend worldwide network of GLOBAL ECHELON, agents of change!

To join, please subscribe below. If you would like to subscribe without using PayPal, please contact The Light Institute office and you may pay directly each month with a reoccuring credit card charge.  For more information about Global Echelon, please contact The Light Institute at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For your convenience, the credit card you provide will be automatically charged $50 per month, recurring on approximately the same date every month from when you first subscribe.

Comment by a Global Echelon Member

Dear Chris -

I love listening to your Global Echelon talks! I am so grateful that you offer this amazing opportunity to us to connect with you on a weekly basis!!!

Almost all of them touch me very deeply and are very powerful!! Today's talk about energy was the BEST so far and my words cannot express how grateful I am!!!! I was tired, achy, and had a horrible neck pain and some headache...ALL is gone and my whole body and being is vibrating and feels like renewed!! The whole session felt deeply transformative - not only on a physical felt as if barriers and walls that surrounded me broke down!! I feel free, energized and able to tackle the big projects and goals that I desire to accomplish in this lifetime!!!