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We Galactics Blog 11-28-17

We Humans are in many ways the same and yet so different from other Galactic species.  I say Galactic because we are one and all inhabitants of the same galaxy and sourced from the same cosmic material of carbon based atoms.
These same or different attributes are fascinating to explore as they can help us move beyond the fears of encountering others of our Galactic neighbors whose physical form may be drastically different from our own. Encounter them we will—and have.  It is time to go forward with these momentous contacts and begin to engage from an entirely different and fearless perspective that will lead to a speeding up of our evolution and subsequently, an enhanced interface between Earth and the Cosmos.
Historically, we have been extremely prejudiced about our perceptions of other species and even other human races, in terms of placing them within our totem pole view of who is above or below our own position of power and value.  This same “look like us or be against us” attitude has been the cause of untold wars and altercations of mistrust since the dawn of time.
Our human reference code of safety in terms of Galactic physical form is built upon the associations that have been imprinted in us by our visual image experiences and emotional mind games.  Thus we hear of reptilian, or ant-like Galactics, and other non-humanoid forms, that remind us of wild dangerous earth species, and feel immediately threatened.  This attitude harkens back to primordial survival encoding that weighed physical form as to the odds of surviving an encounter with anything or anyone different than ourselves.
We have seen movies and pictures of Galactic beings that appear like us or very similar, such as the famous Pleiadians, Arcturians or Nordic races.  It is natural that we feel more comfortable with those who resemble us, but within the infinite expanse of cosmic sentient beings, it is almost ludicrous to attempt or to limit alignment only with those of our own likeness.  In truth, Galactic physical traits are much less reliable indicators of safety than the inner mind workings of such others.
There are cosmic sentient beings who are able to alter their physical form at will, and there are those who only tangentially inhabit ethereal forms such as amorphous light. For example, I have had several encounters with beings that present themselves as blue balls of light.  I remember that I first saw them in my room as a child and then again several times flickering through my bedroom as an adult.
I only began to understand the sentience of these blue balls when I saw them very clearly surrounding a Brazilian healer as he performed healing.  After an accident, he had begun having connections with Galactic beings who helped him heal others by creating various colored lightening bolts around the person while they were laying on a table—he, himself, was surrounded by a series of blue lights that seemed to be guiding him.
The first time I witnessed this incredible phenomena, I was so perplexed at seeing these flashes from under the closed door that I snuck outside and peered in the window. What I saw opened the aperture of my visual lens to an octave that changed the way I see what is real. It is a higher point of illumination in which the visible and invisible intersect on planes of focused or conscious existence.  I could feel the energy link between the blue lights, the healer, and the lightening bolts. It was a powerful merging and orchestration of their energetic fields.
Not long after, I visited Finland to give a series of talks about consciousness and healing.  I was met with a very skeptical and hostile press, negatively influenced by a lawyer who had written a paper pronouncing Shirley MacLaine to be a heretical figure because of her writings, and since he had read about me in her books, considered me to be the same.  He brought along the head of their church who disguised himself as one of the reporters—everyone but myself knew who he was. He began the interview with a fiery question about God vs. The New Age.  Not knowing who he was, I launched into a very poignant response describing how organized religion was still inhibiting the personal experience of deep spiritual connection through the use of fear tactics.  I said it was time to stop using the threat of hell and treating us as unruly children to dissuade any and all exploration of ourselves as part of the Divine Source, rather than some kind of abomination. The entire press were so stunned at my explanation that they fell silent—The preacher said nothing more and I subsequently was given a half hour TV presentation to further the conversation.
I had been invited by a powerful doctor, a woman, who was the head of the medical system in Finland and her friend, a high-ranking military officer—both of whom were well versed in extra-terrestrial phenomenon.  This military personage was a huge man of about six foot seven with a far-reaching magnetism, and yet a very loving countenance.  It was he who later informed me that from the moment I walked off the plane, I had been surrounded by balls of blue light.
I have had close connections with a number of military personnel that are aware of extended realities such as UFOs.  Many UFO sightings seem to be linked to military activities or places where our technological advances correlate to weaponry.  I find it interesting to speculate that Galactics watch closely over our violent, war-like actions on Earth and the technologies we have created for the illusion of safety and dominance.  I am well aware that Galactics have had these experiences amongst themselves on a much larger scale and many of them have learned to temper the impulses in ways that are much more evolved.
If we are to begin a new era of Galactic and interstellar communication, we will have to learn how to refrain from judgment of other species based on their appearance. We can now evolve our higher intuitive senses that will help us discern intent of cooperation and friendship that might be presented to us from other beings who outwardly seem strange to us.
To reach into the mind of any Galactic species, we must hone our own innate intuitive abilities.  Remember that there is a difference between intuition and instinct. If we fall back on primordial survival instinct, we will not begin to approach the consciousness of these others who’s level of sentience may be far and away more advanced than our own.  Instinct may be a self-preservation tool, but it is also the perpetrator of separation and fear.  Intuition is the tool of connection that creates a telescoping potential into the very core of another.
The willingness to explore our possible relationship to other species within our own galaxy, as well as those from different galaxies or even universes, will lead us into unprecedented worlds and realities that will only come into view because of the magnetism of our probing thoughts and conscious intention.
Cosmic Consciousness is not just the pretext of the dreamer, it is the key to a vast reservoir of energy that can illuminate and even alter multitudinous realities.

We humans are ready for that exponential leap that will allow us to embrace, and be embraced, by our Galactic neighbors.

Great Love and Galactic Smiles,
Chris Griscom

We Galactics Blog 10-3-17

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One of the most prevalent notions about Galactics is that many of them are dangerous to both Humans and even our Earth. Vivid and scary accounts in books and the media tell tales of terrifying abductions in which people have been taken up in ships where they experienced painful tortures involving extraction of Human DNA through genital probes, etc.

Movies have been quick to capitalize on these sinister revelations and employ the universal fear factor to entice audiences into their sci-fi stories of powerless Humans in the face of the alien monsters from outer space who want to abduct and somehow control us. Almost never are these alien monsters pictured like us, but rather they are designed to be as scary as possible—often some kind of animal or insect contortions that cleverly trigger our childhood imaginations handed down to us by the tales told us about bogeyman goblins, gross comic book characters, animation movies that are about surviving evil invaders, etc.

Abduction experiences are very real to those who have experienced them, but they are almost exclusively entrapped in the content of the “episodes,” without discovering their true purpose or source. Rather than some foul and destructive intent on the part of these strange cosmic beings, I have discovered a very different scenario through the multi-dimensional format of The Light Institute Sessions.

Having worked with abductees and contactees from around the world, I have discovered something that could entirely change our sense of who we are! Our Light Institute work of consciousness expansion not only opens the veil to the almost infinite “incarnations of the Soul,” but also allows us to access lifetimes or embodiments as beings other than Human—in form and genetic constructs. The information that has repeatedly presented itself is not only shocking, but could speed our evolution and potential as members of our galaxy and beyond.

The Sessions always begin by contacting one’s Higher Self—their own inner voice—the intuitive essence of the Soul—asking it to take form so that the person gains a sense of protection and also a kind of clarity that the experience belongs only to them, rather than something being suggested by an outside source that is not quite their own truth.

I will then ask their Higher Self to take the abductee back into the source of their abduction experiences. The revelations that come to them invariably completely change EVERYTHING they thought was true about what actually happened. The retelling of the event before this Session has been funneled through their human mind and bodily sensations, recorded within their brain’s physical and psychogenetic repertoire. When the experience is explored from a higher consciousness level, a whole new array of comprehensive explanations and realities come forth that delineate the purpose of the experiences, and free them from the very fearful sense of victimization and helplessness in the face of their horrifying abductions.

Here is the shocking discovery:

All of the abductees I have worked with found to their absolute surprise that they were of the SAME Galactic group that had abducted them!

Imagine how unbelievable that illumination would be to the Human self, when the whole experience is ensconced in pain and frightening glimpses of ugly and controlling beings that reach not only into one’s body, but also push their way telepathically into their minds.

The abductees saw that they had made contracts agreeing to carry out missions on Earth. The specifics of their mission was to gather Human DNA through being born as Human and return the genetic blueprint back to their own species for scientific purposes and further genetic manipulation. All of this information had been erased from their memory banks so that they would not become ineffective or confused by dual realities.

These Galactic species who extract our Human DNA do not see this as negative, but rather as a necessary process for the ongoing evolution of their own species, and as a safeguard to their interplay across the galaxy. It is illuminating to realize that at this very moment we are involved in these same intentions here on Earth where we are currently doing experiments with genetic material that might enhance our survival. We, however, have a sense of moral responsibility because of our own energetic laws of “free will.” That has not stopped several countries from rogue genetic experimentation that includes cloning Humans, etc.

I might add that thus far these experiments have not gone well. Though we can replicate Human bodies, the consciousness factor has not proven to be copied with the result that these beings are very imbalanced and actually do not have any of the Human qualities of emotion or even thought.

This is not a new endeavor across the cosmos, but has occurred with great frequency throughout eons beyond even our own earthly existence. Even here on Earth, the genesis of these activities began at the time of Atlantis when the Atlanteans engaged in many, and sometimes horrific scientific genetic experiments. Some of these gave rise to strange animals such as the half-Human, half-horse centaur, etc. The pantheon of Greek gods were of Atlantean origin, as well. Since the Egyptians were also linked to Galactic dominance and control, their gods were also of Galactic construct!

A perfect example of such Galactic interface with our Human species is that of the advanced civilizations here in the Americas. The Incans, Mayans and Aztecs all performed rituals of Human sacrifice to their Galactic gods. The Incans were given advanced healing techniques including brain surgery, the gift of corn, and untold other ways of supporting their cultures through their access to Galactic beings. The Aztecs were given Galactic time calendars, astronomical information and mathematical calculations more precise than we have today! When the Galactic overlords left them, they tried to bring them back by performing the rituals of cutting out Human hearts. No wonder they were willing to do anything to bring back these cosmic gods! Did the gods require this kind of sacrifice? We may never know.

But why did they choose this particular form of sacrifice? Because this bloody act could offer the essence of Human genetics as well as the archaic emotional characteristics bound within the Human helix: certain Human qualities that had been long removed from most Galactic species and were somehow viewed as worthy of further experimentation.

As this unique explanation comes to light, it is my deepest hope that it will illuminate the lonely suffering of so many abductees who live with the constant fear of repetitive abductions. There is a great deal of further information that could come to us if these selected Humans could go into these experiences armed with this new revelation. We might be able to completely alter the course of events and find that within our hidden Galactic code, lie advanced energetic technologies that might resolve many of our problems here on Earth.

There is a cosmic law that states that the creator is changed by its creation. This is definitely at work in terms of our Galactic relationships. For example, I have observed a subtle change in the species of “greys” that was not there in times past. In the same way as parents are changed and grow through their children, we influence the Galactics with whom we come into contact.

Though it is extremely difficult for we Earthlings to perceive more expansive realities than the 3rd dimensional constructs in which we live, it is urgent that we begin NOW to open our consciousness to see what is true or real from beyond our own limited world, and how we can harvest the possibilities they present to us. This has been a whisper to my own purpose in life since childhood.

WE are the Galactics!


Signing off with Great Love and Galactic Smiles to you all,

Chris Griscom

We Galactics Blog 8-28-17

Since starting this “We Galactics” blog, listeners have begun to experience various forms of connection with ET's for the first time.  I am really thrilled to hear this for several reasons. Primarily, because I know that having these experiences firsthand with help you to see a bigger truth about who you are and why you are here on Earth at this time. These seeds of Galactic resonance have been with you for a long time—even before your birth—from other incarnations. You probably had brief exposure to beings of light and strange energies as a child that you have forgotten. You forgot about them because no one supported the possibility of their existence when you attempted to explain them. To the contrary, your stories were not only dismissed by your parents and others, but they actually frightened them on deep unconscious levels. They, too, have their own forgotten childhood experiences. All humans carry Galactic DNA strands as a part of evolutionary potential and Source.

These Galactic counterpoints to our Human DNA are surfacing now, because you are ready to activate these subtle DNA strands and integrate them into your human experience in ways that you may not have been able to do before or even in other lifetimes.

In truth, it is essential that we all become aware of these Galactic energies because they are essential to our evolution and that of our planet. There is now enough evidence to engage in the acknowledgment that extraterrestrial life exists so that we can begin to contemplate how to make contact and participate in the changes these cosmic energies will bring to our world. If we are able to access our own Galactic DNA, we will be catapulted into powerful realities in which we can become participants of Galactic federations, reunions and councils that orchestrate the cosmic tides in our solar system, galaxy and beyond! *

The most immediate focus is to rid ourselves of our fears, so that we do not cut off our opportunities to bring these cosmic realities into the 3rd dimension. It is a natural and very human response to feel trepidation in the face of strange beings who might interrupt our thoughts or disengage us from time and place. However, we can teach ourselves to release the fear and move forward to learn all that we can from them--and they from us!
How can you know if it is safe to (call in) or be in the presence of a Galactic being?

First—use your conscious intelligence to remove all fear and replace it with intuition. You can truly trust your intuition. It is one of the most powerful genetic attributes of all humans. However, fear and negative programming can cause you to act on primordial instinct, rather than true intuitive awareness. The best way to clear the fear is through the “technologies of consciousness” that I teach in my books and work:

Ask your body where it is holding fear of Galactics at this moment.
Bring you consciousness into that place in your body and ask what frequency of light, what color, it needs to release the fear. Laser that color into the fear and wash it away.
Next—Ask your Higher Self, your own inner voice, if this encounter is good for you. If the answer is yes--extend a loving, open energy to the energy that has presented itself.
If for some reason the answer is no--check to make sure it is not your fearful Emotional Body that is answering, rather than your Higher Self.
If the answer is still no, ask the energy what color it needs to be released and draw that color from the cosmos through the top of your head down into your stomach/solar plexus and beam it out to the energy. You will be amazed how well this works. The reason it works is a law of energy, which states that energy coming towards you must be equal or faster than your own to penetrate your Wei Chi or defensive electrical magnetic energy. When you are radiating energy, it takes on a powerful directional force that can neutralize or stop energies that do not harmonize with you.

Finally, ask your Higher Self to help you move forward into a large arena of realities that will take you to the next and more expansive octave of experience. We have free will! We can choose to say yes to the cosmic currents that are now moving towards us.

I send you my Support, Great Love, and Galactic Smiles.
Chris Griscom   8-28-17

*We will be activating our Galactic DNA in our Sedona Intensives this Oct. & Nov. Come join us!

We Galactics Blog 8-8-17


For many of us who seek to explore the theme of extra-terrestrial realities, the issue that fascinates and frightens us is not whether or not we are alone, but rather it is the machinations about who else is out there and what is their relationship and intention towards us.  We are perennially bombarded with disquieting images of possible menacing beings who could, or might, take over our minds and bodies for their own sinister purposes.

Many people’s reference point to Galactic beings is limited to the channeling of doom and gloom, sexually assaulting “greys,” reptilians, ant/insect “aliens” and mechanical, inhuman armies of soulless bodies. There are beings of power who set in motion these fearful untruths in order to control and deter any expansion of human awareness. They are not “aliens,” they are human!

Let us alter our own mindsets by first changing the words we use when we are talking about extra-terrestrials.  It is much more enlightened to call them Galactics so that we begin to imprint that we are connected to each other.

The word “alien” imprints a sense of dangerous differences, separation and the threat of someone or something unknown.  Even as we refer to people coming into our countries as aliens, we do them an injustice by immediately placing them in a category of strangers with whom we are reluctant to get to know.  We treat them as if they were from other planets, rather than our own genetic human family.  Incipient to this alien description is the conclusion that we must protect ourselves from them.  Imagine the foul play of dark forces creating the illusion of negative Galactics to control us.

While there is much to be said about whether such terrifying life forms could actually exist outside of human invention or what we could do about them, it is most important that we begin to free ourselves from these limited and programmed conclusions so that we can discover for ourselves what is true.

Let me give you an example of how insidious this negative galactic programming is in terms of closing the door to interstellar communication between ourselves and other cosmic civilizations:
In one of the direct experiences I have had with extra-terrestrials, my interpretation of them vis a vi imprints from the media, etc—the stereotypical fear mongering view that they were dangerous to humanity—colored and even blocked the kind of interchange I thought I sought with ETs. I saw them as a contradiction to spiritual development.  I am now aware that the “powers that be” have carefully propagated these imprints for their own purposes.

I recounted this experience in my book, “Soul Bodies,” wherein I tell of a profound lesson and consequence of simply allowing the ideas of others to over-ride my own knowing.  One night, I was awakened by an amazing sensation of a loving touch that seemed to be stroking my brain in order to bring me into full consciousness.  I opened my eyes to clearly see 3 small beings standing at the foot of my bed.  They looked like the description of the “greys” I had heard about with large eyes—except instead of being grey-skinned they were white.  Even though I felt a gentle, even loving energy radiating from them, I immediately shouted at them to go away and leave me alone.  They disappeared almost instantly.  As I lay there wondering how this all could have happened, I heard my own inner voice—my Higher Self—communicate to me that they had come to ask for my assistance—the very thing I had always wanted—to bring humans into contact with advanced cosmic beings in order to learn how to protect our planet.

My level of unconsciousness cost me an opportunity that has weighed heavily upon me for all these years until this last year, when this same trio again connected to me within an energy portal in Sedona, Arizona.  I can’t express how grateful I feel to have a chance to evolve that lost opportunity and to bring others into the loop of connection as well!

Now I know that the most probable reality is that there are infinite cosmic civilizations which are eons more advanced than ourselves and can inspire us to realize that such beings would neither be threatened by our lack of cosmic wisdom and experience, nor wish to harm, or deter our evolution.

Let us remember that the most credible truth is that our Solar System, our Galaxy and our Universe—are among infinite multi-verses, and that they all began within uncountable cosmic pulses that gave birth to them far beyond our own time and space calculations.  Imagine the plausibility of life forms coming into being and civilizations arising from these time space phenomenon that are infinitely more advanced than our own short progressions on planet Earth.  We are, in comparison, a neonatal world of freshly conscious beings!

I also would put forth that the true history of conscious beings living on or visiting our planet is as of yet unknown.  Evidence of this has been hidden from us, but will ultimately be uncovered in the same way that proof of life on our moon and Mars is finally being exposed.  We carry in our genetic encoding the legacies of great, cosmic beings of light who have guided our evolution over eons of time—and are continuing to do so!

Our long separation from our true cosmic source is ending—rising out of the darkened veil thrown over our own human potential by those who would not wish us to find our way out of the heavy blanket of unconscious inertia.

I know that we have psychogenetically inherited attributes from our cosmic relatives and that they will soon be available to us again.  In fact, these energies are beginning to surface even now. Imagine that they are awakening in you and say “Yes!”

Great Love and Galactic Smiles,
Chris Griscom

We Galactics Vlog 7-17-17

I feel the information in this Global Echelon video is so valuable to our We Galactics conversation that I am making it public for you as my second post.

Signing off with Great Love and Galactic Smiles to you all,
Chris Griscom

We Galactics Blog 7-11-17


We are living on a planet within a solar system, within a galaxy.  In essence, we are composed of the same carbon atoms as the stars and all matter within our galaxy, yet we have not considered the potential of that truth in terms of defining who we are in relation to our shared source.   

 We are Star people, we are Cosmic beings, we are Galactics!  

We can correctly call ourselves—Galactics!  We exist not only in a galaxy, but we are of the galaxy—literally made from its elements by every scientific or known form of measurement.  We have whispered this possibility of origin within religious, philosophical, and spiritual references throughout our history, but not until now have we begun to realize that we can use this information in ways that will bring profound change upon our reality and potential!

It is the scientific peephole into the invisible universe that has given us the clues we need to pursue our cosmic heritage in all seriousness.  The fascinating discoveries being made minute by minute into the cosmos by astronomy and other scientific branches are offering up astounding new evidence of life potential in more than one quadrant of our galaxy.  These very real explorations will culminate in the fusion of energy and matter in ways only more advanced beings have wielded to date.

The fact of our galactic essence is so powerful as to potentially change our realities, our view of the cosmos, and ourselves; while opening us up to revolutionary experiences, this discovery could completely alter the direction of our own evolution as a species—and change that of our entire planet.  

For eons, we have thought of ourselves as the primary life forms in a vast universe of empty space and stars.   Because we have not systematically contemplated—or owned—the relationship between ourselves and the cosmos, we never imagined that it could be the key to our own evolution, or what it could offer us in terms of resolving the seemingly unsolvable problems we have here on earth.  In fact, we are so rooted in our mundane daily existence that the unrelenting force of evolution is shadowed within our vernacular except in archeological references.

Evolution is a word we think of in such broad sweeps of time that it has had little meaning to us.  Yet, our own galaxy and the entire universe are eternally evolving and remixing the elements to create modifications of forms and creations.  

Just a short time ago, scientists argued against the possibility that there could be other life forms within our solar system and galaxy.  Today, with the new scientific technologies that allow us to “see“ into the far reaches of space, we have discovered that, indeed, there is evidence of the basic elements of life on other planets.  Beyond our own requirements of water, oxygen, hydrogen, etc. it is possible to consider that other life forms may exist with requirements vastly different than our own.  Yet, we may discover that they have intelligence equal to or superior to us.
The basic point of this blog is that we are now ready to absorb the vast wealth of information about other galactic civilizations into our cosmological framework—and begin to apply these truths in such a way as to advance our own possibilities of evolution.

Isn’t it time?  Have we not put forth infinite theories about where we come from, who is our creator God, what are our possibilities and what is our ultimate purpose?  We have searched the heavens and called upon a myriad of illusionary beings to protect us, help us, define us.  Yet, we have not found answers that satisfy our quest to know the truth about ourselves, nor will we unless we expand the field of inquiry to include questions of the unimaginable.

Signing off with Great Love and Galactic Smiles to you all,
Chris Griscom

(If you want to truly explore the unimaginable, join me at the vortices and portals of Sedona, Arizona, for the All Possibilities!! Intensives—these are the expanded Galactic DNA versions of All Possibilities!!—my dear friends, they are the most powerful sessions I’ve ever developed to connect humanity to our Galactic source.)